Augmented reality is one of the coolest technologies to enter the mainstream over the past decade as it mixes the real and virtual worlds together. Games like Pokémon Go have shown just how cool of an experience AR can provide and it has some great fitness uses even though it isn’t a fitness goldmine like virtual reality at the moment. The best AR fitness apps will provide a great reason to go outside and explore the world while enhancing the experience along the way.

A lot of the coolest augmented reality fitness uses are currently in development and not out just quite yet. It’s worth keeping an eye on the vSports training glasses in particular. From golf to baseball, it plans to support an array of different sports and provide detailed statistics that will help athletes train more efficiently. It’s still in development, but it really shows the potential of augmented reality.

While the best might still be yet to come for augmented reality, there are still plenty of cool apps and games currently on the market. Go outside and get in shape with our list of the best AR fitness apps and games of 2020.

Best AR Fitness Apps & Games of 2020

AR Runner

Credit to: Semidome
Credit to: Semidome

As the name suggests, AR Runner is an application that is meant to improve your experiencing running. It does this by creating checkpoints around the environment that the player then has to run through in order to set a time. This can be used both indoors and outside, and there are four different modes that make it an enjoyable fitness experience for both solo users and groups. There are leaderboards for players to compete with and 60 handcrafted challenges. At just $0.99, this is one of the most affordable best AR fitness apps.

AR Runner is currently available for both iPhone and iPad as long as they’re running iOS 11 or later.

Golfscape AR

Best AR Fitness Apps
Credit to: Golfshot

Those looking to improve their golfing game will want to download Golfscape AR, which gives even the most beginner golfer plenty of information without the expense of hiring an experienced caddy. By using augmented reality, it gives golfers a full 360-degree view of the course and allows them to get exact distances for the center, front and back of the green. The core app is free to download, but there’s also a pro version (which runs $39.99 a year) that gives club recommendations, advanced scorekeeping and identifies hazards and targets in real-time.

Golfscape AR is available for both iPhone and iPad as long as they’re running versions of iOS 11 or later.

HADO Dodgeball

Credit to: meleap/HADO

There aren’t many augmented reality-based sporting events but HADO Dodgeball is trying to change that. Developed by meleap, HADO provides a fresh spin on dodgeball that uses AR technology to add in shields and barriers. Matches range from one-on-one battles to team competitions with three players on each squad. It looks to be a lot of fun, but you’ll have find a HADO arena in order to check it out. There’s only one in the United States right now (located in Texas), but several Asian countries have multiple locations that players can check out. It’s certainly a sport in its infancy, but is well worth doing if you’re ever nearby a HADO Arena.

Pokémon Go

Best AR Fitness Apps
Credit to: DigitalTrends

While one might not typically associate Pokémon Go as being one of the best AR fitness apps at first glance, the mobile hit encourages players to get outside and explore their neighborhood. While one is out trying to catch pocket monsters it’s easy to walk a couple miles without even thinking about it. It does a great job of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, even though it won’t build much of a sweat for fitness enthusiasts. It’s a great gateway into being fit, though, and perfect to play with children.

Pokémon Go is available on both iOS and Android.

Jurassic World Alive & Other Games Like Pokemon Go

Credit to: Ludia

Pokémon Go wasn’t just a hit, it became a cultural phenomenon that led to plenty of other properties attempting to get into the AR gaming craze. As a result, there are plenty of similar titles that are worth picking up if you’re not into Nintendo’s cute creatures. Fans of dinosaurs will want to check out Jurassic World Alive, which is one of the best balanced mobile titles. Other solid games include Ghostbusters World and Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

For similar titles that aren’t tied to a property, WallaMe allows players to hide secret messages within the real world while World Brush allows people to create art that others can find. They’re both neat ways to experience the world and get players out of their house and exploring the great outdoors.


Best AR Fitness Apps
Credit to: HappyGiant

Laser tag has been a favorite of kids for decades and one of the best AR fitness apps provides a new way to enjoy it. Using smartphones and AR tech, QuasAR it allows for two players to enjoy a one-on-one laser tag battle. It’s not overly complex, but there are shields and projectiles that help make it really fn to play.

QuasAR is available for free on iPhone and iPad as long as they’re running iOS 11.0 or later.

Solos Smart Glasses

Best AR Fitness Apps
Credit to: Kopin/Solos

Those looking to improve their cycling experience will want to look into the Solos smart glasses and its companion app. Using GPS technology, it’s able to provide turn-by-turn navigation while also giving the wearer audio and visual cues. Riders can attempt to better their route performance, save their favorite trails, and even split trails into laps in order to gain performance analytics. You won’t get a better and more productive ride. However, the glasses do come with quite a price tag as they retail for $499. So, make sure that you will make full advantage of them upon purchasing as it’s not the type of accessory to go to waste.

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2
Credit to: Vito Technology

Similar to Pokémon GoStar Walk 2 isn’t much of a fitness game but still provides a good reason to go outside. By using augmented reality, it gives gives player a great stargazing experience as they can find the exact position of constellations, planets and even comets. If you live in the city, Star Walk 2 provides a great reason to go to a rural area and out for a late-night walk to take in the spectacle of the galaxy.

There are paid and ad-supported versions of Star Walk 2. It’s available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Temple Treasure Hunt

Credit: Temple Treasure Hunt

Taking inspiration from real-life geocaching, Temple Treasure Hunt has players using an interactive map to find clues. It’s a solid way to supplement runs or hikes and a great reason to explore the outdoors. It’s also great for those wanting to go on hikes in a group, and there’s an indoor mode that is perfect for kids.

Temple Treasure Hunt is available on Android for free as long as it’s running version 3.0 or up.


Best AR Fitness Apps
Credit to: Theodolite

If you are serious about the outdoors and hiking then Theodolite is a must-own app. This viewfinder uses augmented reality to become a one-stop shop for everything from sightseeing to navigation. It’s the best navigation app available and is perfect for recreational or even professional use as plenty of geologists and engineers use it.

Theodolite is currently $7.99 for iPhone and an HD version is offered on iPad for the same price.

Zombies, Run!

Best AR Fitness Apps
Credit: Zombies! Run!

If you’re looking to better your cardio then look no further than Zombies, Run!, which has long been one of the best AR fitness apps. Set during a zombie apocalypse, players have to run to a base and complete missions during 20 to 40-minute runs. It pairs the exercise with a fun base building mechanic and provides a great way to get in shape.

Zombies, Run! is available on both iOS and Android for free, although there are microtransactions for those wanting more content.

Augmented reality might not be the fitness haven that virtual reality is just yet, but there are plenty of great games and apps that can help better your enjoyment of the outdoors. The best AR fitness apps will keep the player in shape while also getting them outside to explore the world.