The Blaston Championship 2022 is underway! Compete with other top ranked players through November for a prize pool of over $10,000, enjoy the biggest VR esports competition of the year, and see if you can claim championship title glory.

Blaston is a Matrix-like experience from Resolution Games where players duck, dodge and weave to avoid slow-motion bullets. Players have the ability to duel in real time, collect weapons of increasing difficulty, create strategic weapon loadouts, and enjoy the friendly social environment of an immersive esport.

The competition marks the first official championship circuit for Blaston. It launched last week, but there’s still plenty of time to rise in the ranks and qualify for finals. Here’s how it works!

Phase 1 – Point Gathering

Participate simply by playing the game in ranked mode. Players who achieve the highest points on the championship leaderboard can qualify to advance straight to Phase 3 – the Blaston Championship 2022 Finals.

In addition, each week Tuesday through Thursday there will be an in-game Blaston challenge that allows players to gather even more championship points. Players try to accumulate as many wins as possible before they have five losses in weekly challenges with game modes that will change over the course of the championship series. The player with the most victories wins the challenge, providing even players who don’t have time to grind throughout the week an opportunity to earn championship points.

In addition to the official events, there will be sanctioned community events and other ways to earn championship points. Join the Blaston Discord and follow Blaston on Twitter and Facebook for updates on these events.

Phase 2 – Last Chance Qualifiers

Players who don’t qualify for finals with championship points can qualify through last chance qualifiers. There will be two events divided into North American and European regions where players will compete in a double elimination bracket in October.

Top players (2 from NA and 1 from EU) from the last chance qualifiers will join qualified Phase 1 players for finals.

Phase 3 – Blaston Championship Finals

In the final showdown that will take place in November, players will compete for the $10,000 prize pool and the glory of being the Blaston Champion of their region.

Finals will be broadcast on the official Blaston Twitch page.

Sign up for the Championship!

For Phase 1, all you need to do is play ranked mode now.

The competition is open to players over the age of 16 in North America and Europe. Players under age 16 will need a signed approval from a guardian to participate or receive prizes and earnings.

If you don’t already own Blaston, you can download through Meta Quest or Steam VR.

Best of wishes and have fun, Blasters!