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Interview: Icaros Co-founder Johannes Scholl

Icaros has become one of the more well-known names in virtual reality fitness. Since its founding one year ago, the Germany-based startup company and its fitness machine has been covered on a variety of sites, called the...

How To Create a Balanced VR Fitness Routine

Maybe it’s because I come from a fitness coaching background, but when people ask me what a good VR fitness game is, I never give them a straight answer. Instead, I usually throw more...

VR League – More Teams Qualify in Hopes of Reaching Worlds at Oculus Connect...

At the conclusion of VR League season 1, we discussed how esports had been brought to a new level with the introduction of virtual reality games that involve ducking, jumping, dodging, and stealthy movements....

VR Influencer SkarredGhost Explains Upcoming Title ‘HitMotion: Reloaded’

Popular Italian VR developer Antony Vitillo, aka SkarredGhost, talks about his upcoming active mixed reality title HitMotion: Reloaded. Priding itself as the first mixed reality fitness game, HitMotion and its newest iteration, HitMotion: Reloaded, seek...

What’s Ahead for VR Esports in 2020

VR esports combine the best of technology, athleticism, and competition. The players are eager for competitive video games that require movement in addition to strategy, skill, and in most cases, teamwork. VR esports attracts...

Virzoom’s VZFit in the News, as University Study Shows VR and Music Improves Exercise...

Virzoom, developers of the popular VR biking software, VZFit got a bit of mainstream attention this month with the publication in the British Journal of Health Psychology of a dual Brunel, London and Exeter...

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3 Will Begin Jan. 4

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3 will kick off on January 4 with changes to the community structure of the league. The date reflects a slightly longer period between seasons due to the holidays,...

VRstudios and ePLEX Encourage Community Engagement at LBE With Hoops March Madness

March Madness has been one of the most exciting sports events since 1939, but I had never heard of the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament before my junior year in college, when I...

CES 2018: Showcasing Exciting VR and AR Sports and Fitness Tech

With vendors flying in from all over the world, it’s a bustling week for the 4,000 plus technology companies who will be attending CES 2018 from January 9-12 in Las Vegas. We will be...

25 Active VR Games That Could Benefit From Oculus Quest’s Inside-Out Tracking

With the Oculus Quest coming up in Spring 2019, and the new efforts from Oculus's competitors to bring their own standalone devices up to 6DOF with inside-out tracking, the VR world is going to...
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