Virtual Athletics League will host the annual Virtual Reality Winter Games and provide an opportunity for the VR community to enjoy an action-packed month of fun.

From February 26 through March 20, VAL will present an array of challenges, tournaments, and giveaways during the Winter Games. This is VAL’s fourth big event of this nature and the format enables individuals to pick and choose which events they want to participate in with the possibility of winning some prizes still on the table. Considering busy schedules and diverse preferences of the VR community, flexibility is an appealing aspect of VAL events.

Founded on the idea that VR esports is a social and technological revolution, VAL has successfully put a lot of effort into VR tournaments that provide a platform to successfully market VR game developers and their titles.

With the arrival of the standalone Oculus Quest in May 2019 and then particularly the Quest 2 in October 2020, average consumers began to realize the wellness benefits of strapping on the headsets in the comfort of their own homes. VALVR events have brought greater awareness to the use of immersive tech for health and fitness through events such as the VR Fitness Summit.

VR Winter Games 2022

During the VR Winter Games, participants and creators have opportunities to win cash prizes, Oculus Quest 2 headsets, and store credit to the VAL-owned VR game store, One Arena.

The full list of participating titles includes some easily-recognizable titles and others that are more recently beginning to attract the attention of the VR community:

Throughout the events, the VR Winter Games will feature over 30 content creators from YouTube, Twitch and TikTok in creator talent contests and other challenges.

Speakers and Panels

Starting March 4 at 2:30 pm PST, Virtual Athletics League will host a series of speakers and panels as part of the Winter Games.

Sessions will feature developers from multiple small and large VR studios who will discuss topics regarding motion sickness in VR, the next evolution in rhythm games, and VR fitness. Community and developers will have an opportunity to connect during these sessions through question and answer during the live stream events.

Panels will be broadcast across the VALVR esports YouTube channel and they’ll be accessible following the Winter Games for continued engagement and to serve as a resource for the community.

Additional information about the games and individual competitions, as well as dates, registration information, and a link to the community Discord can be found at One Arena.