Monday, April 19, 2021

Onward Rookie Bootcamp Spring Tournament Introduces New Players to Popular Quest Port Game

The Onward Rookie Bootcamp Spring Tournament kicks off today at noon ET, featuring over a dozen rookie teams that are new to competitive Onward, a popular VR first-person mil-sim from Downpour Interactive that captured...

Young Entrepreneur Helps Bond VR Community

During the senior year of high school, students typically focus on college applications, eagerly count down the days until graduation, and spend time hanging out with friends before they enter their next phase of...

How Recent FitXR Updates And New DLC Have Made It My Favorite Workout Game...

I’m not sure where the time has gone, but it’s been more than six months now since FitXR launched on the Oculus Quest, as a free, and mandatory replacement for the much loved (among...

FitXR Releasing Merchandise for VR Comfort and Playability

As of February 12th, 2021, one of VR’s most exciting companies, FitXR is launching merchandise. The items available are made to enhance your VR experience overall and especially within FitXR and BoxVR. Currently, they...

Invitational Event Features VR Gamers Over Age 40

If you think you’re too old to enjoy VR esports or gaming, think again. VR Fitness Insider has covered VR fitness before as part of a healthier lifestyle for middle-aged or older adults and...

Virtual Athletics League to Host Winter Games with $15,000 Prize Pool

Virtual Athletics League announces the Winter Games, a month-long Olympic-style event of VR esports tournaments, giveaways, and a total prize pool valued at over $15,000. From February 19 through March 20 the Winter Games...

BigBox VR Unveils Early Details for Population: One Season One

A major update is coming to BigBox VR’s award-winning battle royale game Population: One with the launch of Season One, “Uprising.” In addition to some long awaited history behind the Seekers and the Uprising,...

VR Esports Return to Oculus Venues!

VR Master League continues develop a solid foundation for VR esports and announces that Echo Arena, an exhilarating virtual reality game set in a zero-gravity arena, will return to Oculus Venues this week with...

Holofit Update Brings 90 Hz and Improves Resolution on the Oculus Quest 2

When Holodia’s Holofit software finally left its home of relative obscurity on Sidequest and moved to the bright lights of Oculus’s curated Quest store, I was happy for them and excited that many more...

VR Cover Accessories for Quest 2 – Everything you Need

The Oculus Quest 2 has been out for a while now, and third party companies have had time to develop a range of aftermarket accessories and solutions, all designed to improve comfort, enhance sweat-proof...
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