As in every year, there is some hype around what will be at CES this year but I’ve got some theories as to what we can expect in the VR fitness topic. This is a much more refined area than what will actually be at CES, but a good portion of this has been somewhat obvious for the past few months.

Little HTC More Samsung

While we may not be receiving anything from the HTC in terms of fitness, we will likely be seeing another Gear coming out at CES. Gear is one of the only mobile VR headsets and one of the fewer that provide a great head mounting device to ensure the phone doesn’t fall off the headset. This means it will likely be much more comfortable to wear and a lot more secure when you are trying to be mobile with your mobile Gear. I know, I like puns.

Some AR Technology

As we are always on the lookout for some AR technology, it is quite obvious that there will be some at CES but I’m not entirely sure that it will be focused fitness as we’re mainly talking about Smart glasses. Smart glasses will be the best way to implement AR technology and if there’s a brand that allows transmission of AR from the phone to the glasses then we may see an uproar of AR technology like we’ve been seeing in the past year with VR.

Likewise, we are probably going to see a few wearables at the show since devices like the LG Smartwatch and the AVA Pregnancy Tracker will likely be there to show off what new items they’ve added to their repertoire. Not all of these will be fitness related, but I can almost certainly say that none of these will be intentionally added to the VR environment.

Some HTC Show off

Perhaps the biggest impact that VR Fitness will have, this year, at CES is the fact that HTC plans to showcase “The Best of VR”. This is important because VR Fitness doesn’t get a lot of limelight due to the fact that most people who buy the VR are in it for the games and later realize it can be a great fitness tool. Some of the games that are there are things like Front Defense, which requires a lot of fitness to play, and Knockout League, which is a boxing game. Along with this, there will be some showcasing of mixed reality viewpoints but this has not been made entirely clear yet by HTC, just that they plan to do this. Bringing attention to such games will further inspire more developers to go into this direction so as to explore the facets of VR fitness, which is great for everyone.

While CES may occur in a few days or in a few hours, there will be a lot of technology beyond what was mentioned here. I really can’t wait to see what these companies have to offer in all avenues of technology, not just VR fitness.