Use body heat to charge these Matrix PowerWatches! Credit to: PowerWatch/Matrix Industries

CES: 2018 has brought a wave of wearable tech that can help you track your fitness stats, reduce or get rid of nausea, and can guide you to a better frame of mind with meditation. Here are 3 wearables you can use or pre-order today!

Matrix PowerWatch: Original and X

Matrix PowerWatch announced the creation of their new Matrix PowerWatch X at CES: 2018. Like the first generation PowerWatch, the X is also a body heat enabled smartwatch that will take the heat generated by your body and convert it into a battery charge, wire-free. Wear the PowerWatch that’s already available or wait for the X which is set to be released this month. Wearing a PowerWatch will motivate you to turn up the heat while playing a rhythm boxing game like Box VR, or while racing through a Sprint Vector course.

Pair the PowerWatch with their app. Credit to: PowerWatch/Matrix Industries

The Matrix PowerWatches won’t stop working at the peak of your workout, hike, run, or VR exercise. They come equipped with a real-time power gauge that tells you how much energy you’re putting in, tracks calorie burn, and has sensors that track activity and sleep quality. They have micro apps like music pairing and more thanks to smartphone sync. Both watches are sealed and water resistant, with the original PowerWatch going up to 50 meters and the PowerWatch X for up to 200m. To save power, the watches go to sleep when you take it off, which is helpful for lazy days.

You can buy the Matrix PowerWatch for $169 and you can pre-order the PowerWatch X for $249 on their website.

Stop by the Matrix PowerWatch booth at CES: 2018, at Venetian Tower, Hospitality, Ven #33-336 for a closer look at their body heat capturing watches.

Relief Band

VR Fitness Insider tried on the Relief Band at CES.

If you’re one of the unlucky few that experiences motion sickness while playing VR, the Relief Band can help you ease that queasy feeling without having to stop your workout. We visited the Relief Band booth at CES and discovered that people who have tried the band have also used it successfully for travel, morning sickness, and car sickness. We also learned that Johannes Loffelman, the VR gamer in Vienna wore the Relief Band as he played 28 hours in VR and set a Guinness Book of World Records.

Simply apply some gel to the wrist for conductivity, clip in, and pick an intensity setting (out of 10 options!). Once you find a setting there will be a vibration that will stimulate the nerves in your wrist and arm to change the signal being given to the brain that makes you nauseous.

Stop nausea before it strikes.

Future models are said to come equipped with a watch function for more tech versatility. We recommend wearing this before you start your virtual workout.The Relief Band can be pre-ordered or bought for $174.99 after their full release at their website this month. The nausea-fighting band is FDA cleared with 18-24 hours of battery life.

Visit the Relief Band booth at CES: 2018 in Las Vegas, at LVCC, South Hall 1, Booth #21925 and at Sands, Halls A-D, Booth #44543.

MUSE Headband

Muse is easy to put on.
Credit to: Muse/InteraXon

Do you like or want to meditate to strengthen the mind or want to reduce inflammation from pushing your body to its limits? InteraXon’s MUSE headband senses a wearers brain waves by simply putting it on and then meditating with the paired app. Their headband is lightweight and sits across the forehead and rests behind the ears and has 7 total sensors. While using the MUSE headband and meditation app, the wearer’s brainwaves will get tracked at their current emotional state and get translated back to the wearer as a wind or other guiding sounds that fluctuate with your mental state.

Try the Muse headband with their app or the StoryUp app. Credit to: Muse/InteraXon

The MUSE headband can also be used with StoryUP’s mobile VR meditation app StoryUP Positivity for MUSE for the Gear VR. StoryUP’s app will show you a virtual image of relaxing scenery that responds in real time according to your emotional brainwaves. If the wearer is anxious, worried or depressed the virtual imagery will stay where it is or lower, and the brain waves that are placed in front of you will show you that result. If the wearer feels positive or optimistic, the brainwaves and the virtual experience will lift you up.

Get the MUSE headband for $249 with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. The MUSE meditation app is available in the Google Play and Apple stores. Purchase the StoryUP Positivity for MUSE app for $4.99 in the Gear VR store.

See what the MUSE headband at CES: 2018 is all about by visiting them at Sands, Halls A-D, Booth #44409, and at Venetian Tower, Suite #30-123.


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