One of the best things about many VR fitness titles nowadays–and video games in general–is that the content featured within a certain game is usually not the only content that will be available for the lifetime of that product. Most developers tend to expand, update, and add new features to their games over time, helping to improve the bang you can get for your buck. Now, this trend has once again continued this week with what has been one of the more popular games in the VR Fitness space.

Developer Survios has recently released an all-new game update for Creed: Rise to Glory, which is the boxing game based on the Creed film franchise. The game allows players to control the titular character Adonis Creed as he trains and challenges numerous other boxers from around the globe in the pursuit of becoming the best there is. Creed: Rise to Glory first released all the way back in 2018, so for Survios to still continue supporting the title almost three years after launch is great to see.

As for what this new update contains, the most notable feature is that of an Endurance Mode. This game mode removes the stamina system that is normall present within Creed: Rise to Glory and instead allows a more “hardcore boxing simulation.” Endurance Mode has specifically been created with fitness and mind and allows players to track the calories that they have burned while using this function. It also lets them set fitness goals and fine-tune the matches that they can take part in against other in-game opponents.  Best of all, this new Endurance Mode is completely free to download for all players that currently own the game.


Although this update is surely exciting to many, there is one major caveat with its release. Unfortunately, this Endurance Mode addition is only available to those who own Creed: Rise to Glory on Oculus Quest headsets. So if you’re someone who might play this game on other platforms, Survios has currently now announced plans to bring the update elsewhere. However, if you’re someone who does specifically play on Oculus Quest 2, this new patch is also said to improve the textures, shadows, and render capabilities of the game on the recently-released hardware.

As a whole, this new update for Creed: Rise to Glory is just fantastic. Outside of it being tied to only one platform, the fact that Survios has continued to update the game so long after release is a great trend to see from the studio. Not to mention, Creed: Rise to Glory was already a fantastic fitness-focused title prior to this update. For the Endurance Mode to now make that notion doubly true means that this is a game that is absolutely worthy of adding to your game library. If you’re looking for some new high-intensity workouts to take part in, Endurance Mode absolutely seems to offer what you’re looking for in droves.

Creed: Rise to Glory is available to pick up right now on Oculus Quest for a lower price than normal to celebrate the arrival of this update. Rather than retailing for its usual $29.99 value, the game should now be available to pick up on the Oculus Store for $19.99. Conversely, Creed: Rise to Glory is also available to pick up on Steam and PlayStation VR, although as stressed, this Endurance Mode update isn’t available on these platforms.