As the virtual reality space has continued to grow over the years, more businesses and inventors around the globe have started using the technology in more interesting, out of the box ways. Cyberaction Arena, from company Virtuactions, is one of the newer ideas that has come from the VR space and combines elements of both virtual reality and the real world.

Pitched as a 5v5 arena VR shooter, Cyberaction is a location-based attraction where you and some friends get together to do battle in a virtual environment that is stitched together from your real-world surroundings. Rather than simply placing you in a random game world, Cyberaction utilizes the entire real-world play space that all ten combatants find themselves within and then creates a world based on that environment that players then view inside of their VR headsets. Locations in which Cyberaction Arena can occur vary between 200 and 500 meters, and the game can automatically calibrate to different sized arenas before creating the virtual worlds in which players will do battle within.

Cyberaction Arena as of now offers two different game modes that players can take part in with one being more mission-oriented and the other being a more typical team deathmatch style of play. The game also features three different themes (Western, space, and military) with a multitude of different weapons to utilize in-game. With certain guns in the game, you can even dual-wield.

Virtuactions utilizes the Oculus Quest as the primary device for Cyberaction Arena due to how the platform requires no wires of any kind to attach to the heads of players. Additionally, the Quest allows players to move about completely freely because of this, making play sessions of Cyberaction much more natural and less-confined.


Overall, this idea from Virtuactions isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before when it comes to virtual reality, but it’s still pretty cool to see more of these attractions popping up. As someone who used to play a lot of laser tag back when I was younger, what Virtuactions has done here with Cyberaction Arena seems like a variant of that same style of play, just infused with VR. It’s a really cool crossover that seems to have a lot of potential and would surely be a ton of fun if done with a large group of friends. You’d surely break a decent sweat while playing, too.

For now, Virtuactions has only opened these Cyberaction facilities in Russia, where five different arenas have been established. Moving forward, and following the end of the COVID-19 outbreak around the globe, the company hopes to bring the product to more locations around Europe and expand from there. Whether it ever sees widespread appeal around the globe remains to be seen, but the idea that is being presented is definitely unique and seems to be a ton of fun.

For more information on Cyberaction Arena, you can head over to the game’s official website to learn more. You can also check out the video attached above to get a better idea of how each session plays.