Congratulations! You can now kick drunk people in the face. Credit: The Munky

Drunkn Bar Fight is back with a typo-laden update to its zany take on boxing. The game casts you as a patron in one of several bars you can hop to down a street. There, you will meet other patrons who will be looking for magic potions and trying to beat the ever-loving snot out of you.

It’s a primarily multiplayer experience, it uses zany physics, and it’s one of the more interesting takes on the genre of boxing. It’s gotten a new update that makes the experience full body, and the developer of Thrill of the Fight is somehow involved. Read on for more.

Drunkn Bar Fight Updates

Let’s begin with the updates, and there are some interesting ones. The big one is that multiplayer now includes 4 players and to hype this, the developer is hosting a series of Friday Night Fights. You should hop into the action, preferably after having tossed one or two back and safely clearing your VR space. The new service uses Bolt Cloud, which not only sounds neat it promises a more reliable connection.

Credit: The Munky

They have added Vive tracker support to put kicking into the game and it’s just wonderful. Kick and punch with ridiculous physics, then add size boosting potions into the mix. That’s the game’s newest trick. A twist on Alice in Wonderland will have players randomly changing sizes throughout the now seven rounds in a bar fight.

Players will have a new level to look forward to called “The Alley,” and to be honest, some of the weapon suggestions are absolutely golden.

The Thrill of the Fight Shoutout

Puns aside, The Thrill of the Fight has a small nod to Drunkn Bar Fight. The two developers have chatted and kept in touch over time, which happens a lot in indie development. Although no official collaboration has been announced yet, the poster is part of Ian’s broader strategy to cover the gym in posters for games he thinks are interesting and linked to what he does.

It’s over by the speed bag if you want to check it out. It adds character to that part of the room, but we need more. He’s got no artist, though, so it might be slow going for a while.

Still, the promise of new “Extra” content seems like a fun idea. Ian’s zombie and ghost boxers, as well as the dungeon area, were fun additions to the game. Perhaps potion boxing?

Fitness Potential

If you haven’t gathered from the tone of this post, Drunkn Bar Fight is silly. The game has weird physics, broken everything, and it feels like a game that’s been duct-taped together in the most charming way possible.

Credit: The Munky

It’s also boxing, and you’ll be doing a lot of it for as long as you can stand. Getting drunk has never felt like better cardio, even if the source material isn’t as serious as The Thrill of the Fight. Opponents can take a punch and will fight back, though. You can gain an edge by fighting dirty with hilarious results. Try using unorthodox objects to see how far you can launch the other people in the bar. 

For something similar, you might try Bum Rush in Virtual Boxing League. It’s a game designed, in my opinion, for streamers, and for parties, but there’s a good workout hiding in there for those silly enough to find it.

If you have friends with VR, Drunkn Boxing is a great title for a Friday evening workout. The developers have also created a guide and encourage mixed reality streaming, which we support completely. We’ve produced quite a few mixed reality videos for Beat Saber and BoxVR, and we think mixed reality video production is an excellent tool for popularizing VR fitness.

Final Thoughts

I like the tone of Drunkn Bar Fights, and I think that cardio should be fun. If you need to get limber and loose and get yourself into a real slobber knocker, this new multiplayer update will be the exact amount of chaos you need in your life.

If it still feels weird then toss on some wrist weights and see how you can hack it. Just make sure you play it safe. Maybe don’t drink before you play either, despite the title. 

Whether you wait for a sale or grab it full price, Drunkn Bar Fights seems like a great value for groups of friends looking to play VR together. Especially with this 4-player multiplayer update and full-body tracker support.