Echo Arena Boot Camps will return in March with a new format that features highly requested trainings. Player-initiated trainings began soon after the game was released in July 2017 and have continued to evolve.

Previously boot camp sessions have been progressive trainings that introduce everything from basic skills through advanced skills needed in competitive play. Following a release of a new player patch in October that included AI bots to teach many of the basic skills, the decision was made to adjust boot camps to short training opportunities with a specific focus rather than a progressive series of trainings.

Upcoming Boot Camps

Training sessions for March will focus on goalie skills and boosting. A qualified trainer is listed with the date for each boot camp date and time. The names listed include their full Discord tag for readers to reach out on that platform if you have questions.

March 7 at 7:00 pm GMT

  • [Advanced] Goalie Skills / Defensive Thinking with Taco#9940

March 9 at 8:00 pm EST

  • Goalie Skills with SingleShot12349#5407 and CaptainCanada#1234

March 14 at 3:00 pm EST

  • Arena Boosting Concepts with Late_Toast#7037 and ChocoLIT#6373

About the Trainers

March trainers include several veteran players who have recently been added to the mentor group. In Echo VR, everyone is encouraged to welcome new players and help maintain a friendly atmosphere, but mentors go above and beyond, often volunteering numerous hours each week to help others in the game.

Each of the boot camp trainers for this month also participate in the Echo Arena VR Master League. This is a competitive league on the player-driven VRML platform.

TacoOnThursday is a goalkeeper in the team Jesters. He will share tips about things to work on while you’re in goal and where to position yourself outside the goal for the greatest defensive effectiveness. He will also discuss awareness, which he says is essential to being a good goalkeeper. He is teaching Advanced Goalie Skills on March 7.

SingleShot12349 and CaptainCanada are on SSVC Legends, currently the seventh place team in the Echo Arena VR Master League. Their March 9 boot camp will include basic goalie skills and techniques for anyone who would like to improve their defensive skills in game.

On March 14, Late_Toast and ChocoLit will present a training session on Echo VR boosting concepts. Although this session will be taught in Echo Arena and is primarily geared toward that game, the boosting skills will also benefit players in Echo Combat, the zero-gravity first-person shooter in the Echo universe. Late_Toast and ChocoLit are half of the roster on the VRML team Nebula. If you would like to learn about the PE boost, increasing speed, or controlling boosts, you should attend this boot camp.

Additional Training

In addition to boot camps, there are mentors in Ready At Dawn’s Echo VR who are available to help new or veteran players. Mentors answer questions, teach new skills, train higher level players, etc. Mentors can be found in the game or on the Echo Games Discord server.