Credit to: Virtuleap

Chinese virtual reality players looking to train their brains in new ways now have a great tool to do so. Enhance VR, a cognitive training tool aimed at improving memory, audio awareness, and more, is now available in the country. Whether you are making use of Oculus Quest or Vive Focus Plus, you’ll be able to use its training tools.

(VR) train your brain in minutes a day!

Enhance VR is available for the Chinese market in English and Mandarin. There are plans for German, French, and Portuguese over the next few months. Players can find it first for Vive Focus Plus. It will be available later for Oculus Rift via the official Oculus store as well as Oculus Quest through the SideQuest store.

Developer Virtuleap aims to have 20 different brain-training games included in Enhance VR by the end of the year. These include games to assist with flexibility and problem-solving, as well as motor skills. Currently, the release includes “Memory Wall,” “React,” and “Hide & Seek,” and two games are planned as monthly additions for the rest of 2020.

Through the use of Enhance VR brain-training tools, Virtuleap hopes to assist those seeking neurorehabilitation. This includes the elderly, and the company has already partnered with the AARP to develop software for the Alcove VR app. Memory Wall is one piece of software built for this purpose. The AARP showed with Alcove during CES earlier in January. The game tasks players with memorizing patterns in order to exercise their “cognitive load,” according to a press release from Virtuleap.

Enhance VR has also been released in North America. You can download it for your platform of choice here.

We’ve seen virtual reality used for rehabilitation in the past, particularly with physical therapy programs. Neuro Rehab VR is making use of Oculus Quest technology to do just that, assisting those who have suffered from strokes and those with spinal injuries or multiple sclerosis.