Credit to: Esqapes Immersive Relaxation

Fitness and wellness go beyond just making sure your body is in shape. You also must nurture your soul, and Esqapes Immersive Relaxation may have just found out how to do so via virtual reality.

Go to your happy place

Opening July 5 in Los Angeles, Esqapes transports you to a tranquil world as you’re massaged. Combining an automated massage device with virtual reality goggles, 10 different environments are available to choose from. These include  a beach resort, snowy cabin, and Koi pond.

You can add on a heat treatment, as well, to help get tension out of your muscles during your massage. The Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center can be experienced during a lunch break for those in a rush. A 30-minute session costs $45, with all virtual locations priced the same.

Alongside the more exotic virtual locations, a sauna and a day spa are also available as options. More locations are currently being developed, and you can see all options on the official website. For our money, “The Pagoda” sounds like the most relaxing option.

Credit to: Esqapes Immersive Relaxation

“The goal of Esqapes is to provided guests with a unique  way to relax and take a break from the routines, responsibilities, and daily issues that can cause anxiety and stress,” said Esqapes creator Micah Jackson in an announcement. “Esqapes is using VR in ways unlike any other company, which is to de-stress and help people relax.”

Cell phones are banned from Esqapes in order to heighten your senses during the experience. The goal during your massage is to have senses such as sight and touch further enhanced, giving you a greater amount of relaxation. All you need to bring to your appointment is a photo ID and comfortable clothes that aren’t too baggy. For those who wear contacts or glasses, Esqapes recommends contacts but can fit certain glasses, as well.