For thousands of years, yogis around the world have been stretching and holding yoga poses and meditators have been discovering their zen with introspection. Grab your mat and headset, EvolVR is unfolding like a lotus on AltspaceVR, where they will host weekly yoga and meditation classes, a first-ever for VR as a whole.

EvolVR is Transforming Personal Growth and Health

EvolVR Instructors and Their Avatars
Instructors and Their Avatars Credit to: PRNewsfoto/EvolVR

On September 12th, the EvolVR team kicked off their first meditation class on the social platform AltspaceVR. For 45 minutes and 5 days out of the week and weekend, yogis and meditators will find a class to unwind their mind, unravel their bodies, and get some deep peace and rejuvenation.

This is really exciting! We’ve been contemplating when VR would finally get a live yoga experience for quite some time and now its finally here!

In an article by Markets Insider, EvolVR founder and CEO, Rev. Jeremy D. Nickel enthusiastically shared, “We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible for spiritual exploration and personal growth in Virtual Reality. With new hardware and software becoming available every week, and the price of the necessary equipment dropping steadily, the adventure is really ahead of us.”

Wise yogis and meditation fans and people who’ve never stepped onto the mat, touched their toes, or sat in lotus pose, will gain a serene and inspiring experience that’s taught by experts at no cost — AltspaceVR is free! In the future, the free classes will remain while deeper and more extensive classes that are smaller in size will be offered for a small but worthwhile fee.

Certified meditation instructors, Kim Montenegro, Michael Zhang, and Jeremy Nickel, EvolVR’s founder and CEO, will be each host a session, as avatars, to guide everyone, also avatars, to a relaxed mental and physical state. Certified yoga teachers, Lisa Buyer of The Buyer Group and Kevin Kowalski, will help lead participants into stretches, poses and sequences that will surely unravel and tenderize sore or tense muscles.

Head over to their site and put the dates in your calendar! Maybe you’ll see us there in the room meditating and yoga-ing out right along with you!

Yoga Benefits

New or returning yogi, our bodies gain mental and physical benefits from moving in smoother and more focused ways. No pretzel poses required.

  1. It increases flexibility, balance, strengthens muscles and bones using our own bodyweight.
  2. Calms the mind and body. Flexible and loosened up muscles make for a relaxed mind and vice versa.
  3. Reduces pain with stretches and strengthening exercises. To be safe, check with a doctor before starting yoga.
  4. Regulates internal systems like sleep rhythms, immunity, and increases blood flow throughout our bodies.
  5. Yoga connects us to other people and builds community. Yoga classes are full of friendly people!

Why Meditation?

EvolVR is joining a unique pool of rising VR meditation and self-care companies like Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment that have brought experiences like SoundSelf and Microdose to light.

Practicing meditation or mindfulness in and out of VR can help us become one with our thoughts and helps us become more compassionate and present for each other. Get ready to breathe in deeply and let out any negativity.

Mindfulness and practicing daily meditation clears our minds from worry so we can concentrate and gain a new perspective on life. It also improves memory and increases blood flow to our brains which can help us as we age.


AltspaceVR, the platform hosting EvolVR is compatible with Vive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, and Daydream headsets.

Where to Find Them

You can find EvolVR and see their event schedule for yoga and meditation classes on their website and connect with them on Facebook.