Credit to: FitXR

BoxVR is one of the best boxing games for fitness in VR, and soon you’ll be able to own a physical copy. The game is coming to retail in October for PlayStation VR, and it’s ready to get you into shape.

BoxVR will be available in stores like GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target on October 25. The game includes the same content as the digital version already available. This means you’ll get access to 100 different tracks, custom routines, and workouts designed by fitness instructors. You can also play it in multiplayer with up to five others, and your calories burnt are tracked over the course of each week.

Unlike some other boxing games, you don’t actually “fight” anyone in BoxVR. Instead, orbs come toward you similar to a game like Beat Saber. You must jab, cross, hook, or uppercut them to score points in time with the music. Alongside punching, you’ll also dodge incoming walls and ceilings that are trying to hit you. Despite its simplicity, BoxVR offers an excellent workout that will leave you sweating in no time. As you improve, you can try out  the more intense workouts and increase your calories burnt by a significant margin. The music is also great for helping you to stay motivated until the very end of your routine.

Credit to: FitXR

The PlayStation VR version of BoxVR requires PlayStation Move controllers. The game is also available on Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Oculus Quest, and it’s updated regularly. We highly recommend the Quest version, as it allows you to get a workout without  the need for easy access to a PC or console. You can even take the experience outside, if you want to get some fresh air at the same time. Of course, when it gets colder you can always enjoy the game in the comfort of your living room.