Credit to: DGMA

Fancy yourself an arcade shooter expert and want to prove it in virtual reality? DGMA’s Galactic Rangers VR gives you the chance to do just that in an intense wave-based adventure. With high speeds and plenty of movement, it’s perfect for raising your heart rate, too.

Show the space pirates who’s boss

Available exclusively for VR platforms, Galactic Rangers VR gives you the thrill of soaring through space to destroy encroaching enemies and rubble. Using a variety of weapons, you dual-wield and blast at anything that stands in your way — or floats in your way. It features a story involving a “mysterious menace” that could mean doom for humanity. Only you can put a stop to the threat.

As you make your way through waves of enemies, you’ll have to be extremely quick and dodge to avoid damage. When using a laser cutting weapon, you can also swing your arms to quickly slice through incoming rocks. This is crucial to avoid getting hit, so you’ll need to build up your endurance to be successful.

You’ll also fight bosses, who should put up even more of a fight, and there are power-ups. They include a slow-motion item, so you can get a quick breather before going back to blasting baddies.

It’s all bumping to a groovy electronic soundtrack that is sure to get you dancing during gameplay. If you don’t get enough of a workout with your arms, your legs can help pick up the slack. Of course, with waves of enemies flying toward you relentlessly, your arms are likely going to get tired, too.

Galactic Rangers is the second game available on Steam from DGMA, with Let’s Go! Skiing VR releasing earlier this autumn. It will be available on November 5 for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality. A price has not been revealed yet.