Credit to: SEGA/Grounding Inc.

PlayStation VR owners will be getting a funky rhythm and dance game from SEGA and Grounding Inc. called Space Channel 5 VR. A squad of colorful aliens with dance moves compete against 1 to 2 players in this co-op dance game set in outer space and broadcasted on extraterrestrial space TV.

Get Funky Fresh

Become 25th-century rookie news reporters who are also twin sisters named Lou and Kee. You’ve got some dance moves to prove, so get ready to get steppin’! Keep your ears open and reflexes ready for Ulala, the upbeat and quirky news host, as she gives orders to bust a move like an aerobics dance instructor from space.

She’ll direct the flash mob you’re dancing with to juke, pose, sidestep, and drop low to the music. It’s up to you to follow along, do the correct moves, pose with some panache, and out dance those aliens. Gather up all that dance energy and then shoot lasers at the aliens to blast them away as you strike special poses and moves with your arms and dancin’ legs.

Watch the trailer for it and get a feel for SC5 VR’s dance moves.

Release Dates and More

SC5 VR is currently being developed by PlayStation VR and will get a 2019 release date. Next year will be a special date for SEGA because the game’s original release date was back in 1999 on Dreamcast, making it an exciting 20th-anniversary release with “brand new stories, characters, stages and sounds”.

We demoed SC5 VR’s arcade version which used HTC Vive hardware at VRLA this past year and had a great time. Their consumer version can be played as a demo at Tokyo Game Show 2018 on Thursday, September 20th to Sunday, September 23rd. They are hosting a “Gyun-Gyun campaign” to celebrate their game’s road to completion.

Players that visit the expo and dance can get prizes if they perform well, sharing that, “More poses you strike, more viewer ratings” will give you a chance to win “limited goodies you get only at Tokyo Game Show 2018.”

Where to Find Space Channel 5 VR

You can find Space Channel 5 VR on their website, Twitter, and on YouTube. They will be at Tokyo Game Show 2018 on September 20-21 from 10:00 to 17:00 for their Business Day and September 22-23 from 10:00 to 17:00 for their Public Day. They will be at Makuhari Messe at Sony Interactive Entertainment booth with Grounding Inc. at Hall 10 – W19 (VR/AR corner).