Our brains are a powerful tool that tells our bodies how to do everything from making breakfast in the morning to how to move our legs from doorstep to work. It’s so dynamic and resilient that it only takes 10 minutes of exercise and activity to help boost your brain power, a Forbes article written by Robert Glatter, MD, has reported.

The research group studied was reported to have a 14% boost in cognitive performance (also motor control and reaction time) after riding a stationary bicycle for only 10 minutes. Although there’s no telling how long the effects last, this is still great news for students looking to gain a mental advantage over coursework and testing, even better news for anyone looking to improve their workday hustle, and super helpful to fit individuals looking to get smarter about their workouts.

Let’s take a look at how we can use this newfound information with VR fitness games.

A.M. Workout


Morning people and hard to wake persons will find that their mornings become more exciting if they prioritize fitness instead of relying on caffeine for a jolt of energy. Playing VR games like BOX VR at home for 10 minutes will energize the body and mind with invigorating electronica or your own morning workout playlist. A quick morning workout can kick start the metabolism and get your mind and body on the same page. Starting your day with a quick BOX VR workout is great for the arms, shoulders, core, and will get the brain revved up and ready to conquer the day!

Workout Before A Big Meeting Or Event

Do you have extra energy you need to burn off before going somewhere important or before speaking in front of a group of people? Get the mind refocused and empower the body by playing VR games and taking down polygonal bad guys in Superhot VR for as little as 10 minutes. Slowing down time in a game like Superhot VR is an excellent workout for the arms, core, and leg muscles. Using your fists, guns, and other weapons in slow motion fight scenes will warm up and work to unwind tense muscles and get goal-tackling blood flow throughout the brain.

Get Your Jitters Out Before A Test

High school exams, college academics, and certification testing take energy and brain power to succeed. Cramming, preparing, and studying till all hours of the night can wipe students out. If you’re looking to boost your energy levels and cognitive performance at school or before testing, try a 10 minute VR workout break in between classes or before school. We recommend grabbing a study buddy and taking turns playing a VR game like Sparc, a futuristic dodgeball meets tennis game, that will work the arms, back, core and legs as you defend, hit and block the ball and promote the growth of neurons in the brain at the same time!

P.M. Workout

Video Credit to: Node via YouTube

A day full of mental or physical work can make the most energetic and fit person tired and in need of a reboot. Using virtual reality as a fitness tool that will let you blow off some steam and get your body goals on track. Start resetting your entire system by doing a quick 10-minute round in a VR game like Thrill of the Fight and working the arms, back, chest, core, and shoulders. Thrill of the Fight is a great boxing simulation game that will elevate your heart rate leave you feeling victorious over knocked out AI challengers.

Calm The Body And Mind Before Bed

Everyone knows that life and living it can make the mind and body too amped up to sleep. Tone down and turn off mind chatter and give active bodies a chance to rebuild overworked muscles by taking the time to breathe, visualize and meditate using Guided Meditation VR. Visit immersive environments for a one-stop mental workout that has nothing to do with sweating or movement. Just strap into your VR headset and get taken away to a mind-soothing perspective like a faraway beach or rejuvenating forest. Use for 10 minutes or 20, being mindful at the end of a busy day will recharge and give the brain more energy to do it all over again tomorrow.

VR Fitness Brains

10-minute bursts of exercise have been shown to activate and protect brain neurons and promote blood flow throughout both the body and brain. Use this to your advantage and pump yourself up before a big test day, meeting, or if you want to get quick workouts in throughout your busy day. Working out does wonders for the body and now it’s time to do the same for our brains.

Which VR fitness games do you like to use to exercise? Let us know in the comments!