Winter is nearly upon us. That means less time outdoors and more time inside. Worry not, VR Fitness Insider is here to ensure that your workouts don’t take a backseat while you resist the elements. This High-Intensity Workout is designed to target the “moderate” and “hard” range and provides a good mix of upper and lower body movements while still being skill-based enough that you can work on your accuracy and concentration. The included warm-up will be just what you need to ease into it without taxing your heart and muscles before they are ready and a slower-paced 5-minute cool-down will help you back off and gradually get your heart rate back down to resting.

10 Min (Warm-Up): The Fastest Fist

The Fastest Fist makes for a good warm-up to get you good and juiced for the longer bouts ahead. Bruce starts things out relatively easy with the focus mitts and there are ample breaks in activity to accommodate this phase. You’ll be throwing the same sorts of punches that you will be later – jabs, hooks, and uppercuts – and you’ll be doing some simple dodging and blocking too. You should also think of this as training, so here is a good opportunity to focus on your form and technique while you’re still fresh. Use your legs, hips, and torso to channel more force into your punches from the ground up. Keep in mind that everything in The Fastest Fist is cross punching, so your left hand will punch across to Bruce’s left mitt. After ten minutes of this, you’ll be ready to really sink your teeth in.

25 Min (Upper Body): BOXVR


For BOXVR, we’re going to choose the “Endurance 1” workout. Whereas Bruce would wait for you to land a punch before prompting your next throw, BOXVR only rarely lets up and will keep dishing out targets for you to spar with and dodge. Unlike in The Fastest Fist, everything in BOXVR is straight punching; objects on your left get punched with your left hand and vice-versa. Lots of squatting and side-lunges too to keep your lower body engaged in the mix. Speed is really essential to land your punches, which will be rewarded when your targets shatter. Feel the rhythm of the music so that the cadence of your punches stay on point.

20 Min (Lower Body): HoloPoint

So far, this workout has been predominantly upper-body, so let’s get some more lower body movements with HoloPoint in to mix things up. For this segment, we’ll go with “Classic” > “Dojo I” > “Wave 5.” This starts things off pretty ramped up, then waves 8-10 get especially fierce before giving you a bit of a break with the sword-wielding samurais, and then quickly picks things up again before culminating in a boss fight at the end of Wave 14. In a perfectly executed game, 20 minutes should allow you to progress waves 5-15 about twice. Avoid side-stepping to dodge and really commit to squatting and lunging to avoid the projectiles. Remember that this game is 360 degrees, so headphones are essential for detecting where your targets are spawning.

5 Min (Cooldown): GoalKeepVR

Well, that was fun! Let’s get our heart rate back down with a short session of GoalKeepVR. I suggest “silly” mode on medium difficulty to set the tone. “Silly” mode offers a moderate pace while still eliciting a pretty full range of motion. I recommend after your workout to stretch out your muscles, especially your quads so they don’t tighten up on you.

Don’t let the change in weather prevent you from getting a fast-paced workout in! Did this workout scratch your high-intensity itch? Let us know in the comments!