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For the following Creed: Rise to Glory gameplay tips I chose to play on Pro difficulty, but you could also play on Rookie or Champion. Rookie is a great start for beginners and Champion is for those that want to flex their boxing prowess or get a super difficult workout. These tips are here to help you gauge when and where to punch and how to get a K.O. with each contender.

Fitness Tip: Play in Free Play and in the Back Alley for the quickest way to enter the ring and a workout without announcements that would drop your heart rate between matches. For other fitness tips head over to this 20 Tips for Creed: Rise to Glory Boxing and Fitness Training or read the fitness review.

Adonis “Hollywood” Creed

Traits: Well Rounded but has No Obvious Weakness

Adonis has a habit of barely covering his face when he fights. This is unfortunate for his handsome Hollywood face. In my notes, I literally said, “Adonis’ weakness is his face.” He will do the unthinkable and put two gloves down to protect his abs. That’s your cue to go for the face.

If you can keep one glove up blocking and punch with the other that’ll make him go for the punch and open up his face and body for the pummel. Tap his face so he guards it a bit and then gets the open shot on his body. Dodge his punches and gain that slow motion so you can decide where to follow through with a punch for a knockout.

Luke “Scraps” O’Grady

Traits: Spirited but has Reduced Stamina Loss

Scraps is firey and will come after you quickly, so use locomotion to move around the ring and don’t get backed into a corner. Go for his head when he has his gloves down low. When he blocks punch where it’s open. I went for a left hook immediately and clocked him good.

Remember to recoup your stamina by dodging and using locomotion to get away for a bit if you punch at him quickly. Side tapping and front tapping his face will get him to cover it and then you can hit him in the gut with an uppercut. Hit his gut, hit his face, take turns doing that.

Scraps will come out swinging in the 3rd round if you haven’t knocked his lights out by then. He’s going to tire himself out and this is when you take advantage of punching the bruised and unguarded areas.

Axel “El Tigre” Ramírez

Traits: Strong (increased damage) but is Lean (physically weaker)

El Tigre does a belly hold when you punch is abs. He goes straight for the wind up with punches. He’s really strong and will go after you intensely. When he’s opened up you can sucker punch him in the face.

He’s super aggressive! But his weakness is his super dramatic windup punch. Recognize this wind-up and step to the side or locomotion the heck outta there to regain stamina for future punches.

The vicious El Tigre will eventually put his hands down if you keep one glove up and punch, punch, punch around. He’s going to move back or cock his arm back for the punch. This leaves one side open, so you’ve got to quickly duck and punch him in the face or gut to get a knockdown.

I noticed that It took more effort for him to hurt me by being aggressive than for me to hurt him when I could use time to my advantage to finally get a punch in.

Creed: Rise to Glory
Credit to: Survios/MGM

Duane “Rhino” Reynolds

Traits: Strong but has Overexertion (increased stamina loss)

Rhino’s a big guy and I knew that he was going to punch hard and come at me with force. I got knocked down by Rhino pretty quickly because he’s so tough and aggressive. Blocking, locomotion, punch, locomotion, punch, block, locomotion really helped here. LOL. After all of that running around, stopping to punch, block, dodge, and punch I finally knocked him down.

When you get knocked out of your body you’ll need to run holding down two buttons on your controller. I use Oculus, so I used the A and X buttons. Punch him immediately when you get back to the fight. I think there are some more game dev details that need to get hammered out when boxers go flying back into their bodies. It felt like I was positioned up too close to Rhino so as to not be able to escape the corner, punch, or do locomotion.

Rhino’s weakness seems to be his stomach, which a solid punch sent him straight down to the ground. If you’ve got the room for it, dodge left or right with this guy in your play space. This will help you recover and give your fighter a chance to regain their energy to punch but will also trigger slow motion. Slow-mo is going to help you really unleash fire into this aggro boxer for the K.O.

Leon “The Lion” Scorino

Traits: Spirited (reduced stamina loss) but is Cocky (take more damage when an opponent’s been knocked down more than you)

The Lion bobs and weaves pretty quickly, but blocked with one hand for a while even though I was punching at him. I got a knockdown on him pretty quickly because he left himself open with one arm up and one down. Get the inside of the ring advantage. He’s going to do uppercuts on you so keep your gloves up.

Dodge and then punch him for the slow motion activation. If you land a good punch this might trigger the green circles to appear on his body to get the hardest and most effective punches. This guy is a dodger so be aware that you might also punch the air.

Rocky yelled out to me that The Lion is a southpaw lefty. Thanks, Rocky! When he took body shots on me he led his double punches with his left hand which leaves his face and chest open because his head dips down. So if you’re a righty, step to the left and punch and get a K.O.!

Andy “Mad Dog” Pono

Traits: Temper (increased damage when knocked down more than opponent) but has Poor Defense (does not recover stamina on block)

Mad Dog uses two hands to cover his stomach when it’s hit so go for his face when he does this. He’s also really aggressive and will walk towards you really quickly. Aim for his stomach and face, but remember to dodge. He’s going to wind up his right hand, so step out of the way.

Wait for an opening with this guy and remember to use your locomotion and quick punches. He’ll follow you really closely. Activate slow motion with dodges and rollbacks. Get him to block, chip away at his energy, and then go in for the punches at his weakest.

Ricky “Pretty” Conlan

Traits: Wall (recovers more stamina on block) but has Overexertion (increased stamina loss)

Do not let this guy block, make him work. Tap his face, mix up punches to the face and body so he’s constantly adjusting. He doesn’t protect his face but he’ll go after yours, so block and dodge. Recoup your stamina and get your gloves back to fighting shape.

Gain the middle of the ring on Pretty and go in for the punches to push him towards the ropes or corner. He gets good at dodging so locomoting around the ring and then quick punches will help.

Bobby “The Operator” Nash

Traits: Well Rounded but has No Obvious Weakness

The Operator comes out swinging and I got pummelled pretty easily. I had to run around using locomotion to get some space to punch, dodge, or block. He leads with his right hand so you’ll want to duck out of the way, but can emerge from it with a punch upwards.

This guy ducks and rolls a lot, so he’ll quickly be in a disadvantaged ducking position. When he does this punch down at him and catch him off guard for a knockback. The Operator is a beast but can be K.O.’d if you don’t let yourself get cornered and dodge or roll away from his punches to keep your stamina up.

Wrap Up

These are specific fighting strengths and weaknesses I saw while playing the game. As you know, this is not an exhaustive list. I’m sure there are plenty of details that I didn’t see with sweat in my eye and a few games that left me knocked out.

Everyone enjoys a win and a mightily earned K.O. so share your tips with us and our readers so we can all get better at the game! Let us know about it in the comments or tag us on social media.