Beat Saber fans can take their gameplay to the next level when they feel the music!

Today Beat Games announced a new collaboration with SUBPAC, a tactile audio platform that will allow players an even more immersive experience in the best-selling VR game.

With over 1 million copies of the game sold in the first ten months, most everyone who owns an HMD is familiar with Beat Saber. The premise of the game is to slice through colored blocks in the direction designated by arrows on the blocks. Sometimes there are blocks with dots and occasionally there are mines to avoid, but all of this is done in sync with the chosen song’s beats and notes. The game has a winning combination of fun, challenge, and music.

Beat Games has already provided the VR world with an addictive, enjoyable game, but the collaboration with SUBPAC will make the game even more appealing to those who want increased immersion.

“Our mission with Beat Saber is for people to physically experience music in the most powerful way possible across any age and ability,” said Jaroslav Beck, Head of Music at Beat Games. “I use SUBPAC in the studio. I know it’s the right technology to elevate this mission.”

SUBPAC is a patented tactile audio platform that uses hardware, software and other materials to create a deeply immersive bass with more resolution and range than possible with traditional speakers and headphones.

SUBPAC allows the user to feel the music reverberate through their bodies by providing three layers of immersion:  haptics, interoception, and bone conduction. In other words, players will literally feel the bass and drums in the music, which will lead to faster reaction times and higher scores.

“It’s our goal to create a new standard in immersion – deep physical immersion,” said John Alexiou, co-founder of SUBPAC. “Jaroslav Beck and the Beat Saber team have created an incredible music-driven VR experience that we are proud to collaborate with. We take it to the next level.”

In fact, the combination of virtual reality and products such as SUBPAC continue to level the playing field for people regardless of various challenges. Earlier this year, Beat Games and SUBPAC introduced the system to deaf and hard of hearing Beat Saber players. The wearable SUBPAC allowed them to feel the soundwaves in their bodies so they could compete side-by-side with players of all abilities.

The exclusive wearable Beat Saber SUBPAC is available here for $299/£299. This is a limited edition product so order soon if you want one!