MarineVerse Cup Sailing Competition To Take Place This Weekend


Enjoy the weekend sailing in VR and compete with other sailors from around the world in the MarineVerse Cup for a chance to win Steam credits from a prize pool worth $590 AUD. Sailing is particularly appealing to individuals who can no longer enjoy the sport in physical reality, but seek the benefits from sailing such as increased flexibility, strengthened core muscles, improved hand-eye coordination, and stress reduction. This event is part of Virtual Athletics League’s VR Fitness Summit.

Qualifiers begin on August 22 with the Dinghy Daily Race. The top 100 entries from the first qualifier will advance to the Daily Race on August 29. The top twenty entries from that event will then advance to the live finals to be held on September 4.

Even new sailors can participate in the MarineVerse Cup. This community has a history of helping new community members by offering supportive lessons, instructional videos, and support through the community Discord server.

“If you never sailed in VR before, you still should join the tournament,” encourages Greg Dzemidowicz, director and lead developer at MarineVerse. He points out that the top 100 competitors have an opportunity to advance to phase 2 on August 29 so even newbies have a chance to qualify.

The VR Fitness Summit features a thorough variety of VR esports, encouraging VR enthusiasts to try something new and offering non-VR users a glimpse of how exercise in immersive reality can benefit one’s health and wellness.

“Sailing in VR is less physically demanding than in real life,” says Dzemidowicz, “hence no matter your fitness level, you should be able to sail the Waszp.”

“If you are a sailor, a fan of sailing, mildly interested or one of those that thinks sailing is boring….. you should all try Marineverse Cup, it’s a great sim in it’s own right, it is an invaluable training tool and for me it is relaxing, exciting, taxing and rewarding all at the same time, I cannot get enough,” states Logan602041, a MarineVerse Cup competitor.

Other MarineVerse enthusiasts encourage people to try VR sailing because it’s relaxing, fun exercise. There’s the added benefit of feeling like you’re outside during a time when our experiences can be a bit limited.

“While I am sheltering in place,” states Romeo, another MarineVerse competitor, “I have been addicted to competing in sailing races daily.”

The competition begins this weekend so follow the steps to enter now and try your first few daily races before Saturday!

How to Enter

In order to participate in the MarineVerse Cup during the VR Fitness Summit, competitors must install the game, create a MarineVerse account and also register through the Virtual Athletics League. Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the entry form by August 22, 2020. All details filled out must be correct and true to the person completing the form. AND;
  2. Have or create a MarineVerse account.
  3. Install MarineVerse Cup from Steam or SideQuest / Oculus

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