Last week, the creator of the Beat Saber modding installation tool Mod Saber chose to abandon the software, leaving players without an immediate way to put custom songs and features into the VR game. However,  a replacement program called Beat Saber Mod Manager is now available, and using it is a snap.

How to get your Beat Saber mods working

Make sure Beat Saber is not running and follow the next few steps.

  1. Download the Beat Saber Mod Manager program from GitHub.
  2. Run The Mod Manager .exe and make sure the Beat Saber folder path is correct.
  3. Select your favorite mods.
  4. Click the Install/Update button.

You are good to go!

The mod manager now uses BeatMods to find new mods, instead of the previously-used ModSaber website.

Beat Saber Mod Manager is designed to find the latest approved versions automatically from BeatMods. This should make it convenient to find worthwhile additions quickly. If you’re encountering difficulty with a particular mod and need to check for updates, you can re-run the .exe file. For more information on downloading this installer, and setting the correct directory pathway.

Credit to: BeatMods

BeatMods currently offers several different mods for Beat Saber, including “SongLoader.” This allows you to add custom songs into the game, and is compatible with the Oculus Store and Steam versions of the game. “Song Request Manager” makes it easier to manage song requests from viewers.

Some of the most popular mods for Beat Saber are already available on Beat Mods. These include Darth Maul, which gives you a double-sided blade instead of the two separate ones and the YUR Calorie Counter mod.

The Unofficial Beat Saber Multiplayer Mod isn’t available yet. However, the game’s developers do plan to add multiplayer as an official feature in the future.

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