Credit to: Survios

Survios is kicking out the jams with their newest release of Electronauts. The studio is known for Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Creed: Rise to Glory (unreleased), which are active VR games. So, unleashing a beat-heavy, EDM-driven game/experience and DJ tool is quite a refreshing change in creative direction.

The most awesome part: You don’t need to have a musical background or be a mixmaster to play it! All turntable newbies are welcome!

DJ in the Details

Credit to: Survios

There’s zero competition, no calorie burn counter, nor a scoring system. Just what we want out of a virtual reality DJ platform! Let the music begin and hold on to those controllers, Electronauts is an otherworldly single player and collaborative two player experience/game.

Electronauts isn’t a beat creation or music making software for crafting heavy hitting beats, rather it is more of a put the song together and remix music in an on-rails experience. The studios “Music Reality Engine” keeps the music flowing with technology that keeps all the flavors of the music on the beat and on point.

“Electronauts represents the next evolution toward interactive music and is powered by the Music Reality Engine™, a design only possible in VR, that without any training makes you feel like a world-class musician instantly.”

The “Music Reality Engine” works its magic and prevents mix-matched rhythm parts and undanceable beats from ever occurring. There’s no screwing up if you can’t keep a beat to save your life. There are no wrong moves!

At release, the game got 50 artists and 40 playable songs that range from EDM to hip-hop, to trap and other subgenres of electrifying music.  There are songs with artists like Del The Funky Homosapien, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, 12th Planet, TOKiMONSTA, Krewella, and more. There are even some Survios original songs by Coral Fusion, GOODHENRY, and Starbuck that made the cut.

Electronauts Brings the Music, Fun, and Dance

If you’re looking for a high-energy fitness and VR game that’ll cover arm and leg day, you’ll want to dive into Sprint Vector. If you’re driven to play an active robot shooter, we suggest playing Raw Data. Electronauts, however, is its own unique game/experience that can be played in different ways and used for exercise and as a party game.

Survios explains what players get out of this VR experience, sharing with us that, “Electronauts changes the way people interact with music, turning passive music lovers into active music creators. This new core technology, the Music Reality Engine™, allows anyone to perform and produce great music that’s always on key and never skips a beat (due to quantization).”

Electronauts is a DJ game for anyone and requires no musical skill whatsoever. It has versatile music orbs, an FX cube, and virtual instruments that add flavor to the tracks

and other tools on the DJ deck like looping that can be used to customize vocals and other sounds. Heck, you can even drop…the…BEAT…if you want. No doubt, there’s going to be a ton of hip shaking, fist pumping, and off the cuff dance moves that can and should be shared with onlookers waiting for a turn.

Don’t fret, there’s a tutorial down below!

Grabbing a musical VR buddy or playing it at parties will make the game even more active and immersive by making music and dancing together. Having another person to dance with while you each build up parts of the song like setting up a drop can turn up the heat on fat burn but gets so energetic you’ll break into a happy, sweaty puddle in no time.

Where to Find Electronauts

Electronauts is released on all major headsets. You can find Survios and Electronauts on their websites, and you can find all the Survios games on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, as well as on their YouTube, and Discord channels.