No Man’s Sky VR is a massive starfaring space title that puts you into the position of a starship captain with free reign over a near-infinite number of explorable planets. There are some very interesting things that you can do here.

Most importantly, you can achieve a decent low-intensity workout just by playing No Man’s Sky VR for an hour or two per day while only using your fists to break rocks and Sentinel drones.

Luckily, No Man’s Sky VR is even more fun while running around on a planetary surface and simply punching stuff to dust. Rather than hassle with your Mining Laser or any of that fancy nonsense, you can get your heart pumping and enjoy a little calorie burn.

What Should You Punch in No Man’s Sky VR?

In order to get the most out of this guide, you’ll naturally want to punch as many minerals as you find. Luckily, there are some varieties of minerals that are far more valuable to you than others, and your punches will go much further if you come across them.


Chlorine/Salt Deposits

Chlorine and salt are two extremely common yet valuable elements in No Man’s Sky VR, and much harder to mine in large quantities with a low-powered Mining Laser earlier into the game. The fact that you can simply hack these deposits apart with your fists is pretty neat, and it’s a more efficient way to stack these overall. This is also where the workout comes from since you’ll be throwing punches aplenty in order to crack just one of these nodes.


Storm Crystals

Storm crystals have a base value nearing 130,000 units and are certainly worth hunting down during a storm.

Whispering Eggs

Whispering Eggs contain Larval Cores, which are well worth mining out despite the danger of upsetting the local population of Biological Horrors. When mining a Whispering Egg, be sure to watch out for the attacks from guardian Biological Horrors who will try to stop you every step of the way. They’re tough to kill on the flat-screen mode of the game with lower-powered gear, but are far more convenient to simply punch to death in VR.

The Larval Cores themselves need to be picked up and stored away before they disappear, but they can each sell for upward of 70,000 units.

How Does Punching Mineral Nodes in No Man’s Sky VR Work for VR Fitness?

Punching the air in repetition can slowly build up your pulse and push your body into ‘exercise mode’. By doing so, you’re increasing your cardiovascular system’s efficiency and burning extra calories that you wouldn’t burn if you were standing in place or sitting in a chair.

No Man’s Sky VR also contains a lot of punchable things. In fact, it’s easy to find stuff to punch while playing the game normally, and doing so is a fine way to get that low-intensity workout while you play. Being a space tycoon has never been so rewarding.

Have you played No Man’s Sky as a one-punch tycoon? Let us know in the comments.