Orion13 Combines Hack-and-Slash Gameplay With Full-Body VR Challenges

Credit to: Metro VR Studios

In need of the next big sword combat game for your VR device of choice? Metro VR Studios hopes so, as Orion13 is just weeks away and promises to deliver an exhilarating futuristic hack-and-slash experience. A new trailer has been released as we approach its February 13 release date, showcasing its intense gameplay.

Hack, slash, and survive!

Orion13 features brutally fast VR sword-fighting that will put your skills to the test. You’re able to put together huge combos of slashes and strikes, and even stun and steal health from your enemies. Alongside the intense combat, you’ll also solve puzzles and explore a mysterious science-fiction world. In special full-body challenges, you’ll have to avoid hazards such as laser and minefields, destroying obstacles along the way. They’re test your coordination and see just how skilled you are as a futuristic warrior.

You’ll also be challenged by dangerous bosses, who will pose more of a threat than your typical enemies. They’re pretty imposing, and the dead-eyed mannequin designs used by nearly everyone are terrifying. We will see them when we close our eyes at night.

Alongside the story mode, which features growing difficultly and more skilled enemies, there is also a survival arena mode. This should provide an excellent chance for you to test both your combat skill and your endurance. Once you have completed the story, it’ll also keep the game interesting and a part of your workout routine. If you can block and utilize special attacks effectively, you just might be able to survive for a long time.

Orion13 will release on February 13 on both the Oculus store and Steam. Initially, it will be limited to Oculus headsets, but there are plans for other platforms down the line. It’s the first game from Metro VR Studios, made of former multimedia and website developers for the rock industry.