I’ve talked about it before, but perhaps no other genre is more of a perfect fit in the VR fitness space than that of rhythm titles. While there might be a lot of them to go around at this point, each new entry in the genre is at the very least looking to do something different compared to its competitors. As for one upcoming release in the genre, it looks as though it has been tailor-made to fitness enthusiasts more than any others.

Developer Five Mind Creations announced recently that PowerBeatsVR is finally set to exit early access and will release in its 1.0 iteration in November. Originally, PowerBeatsVR released in early access about 18 months ago in April of 2019. The full launch, which is set to occur on November 18, will add a number of new changes to the game, both big and small.

Of the most notable new features that will be coming with this update, the addition of a second music pack with 12 new songs is likely something that longtime players will appreciate the most. New music can often go a long way in rhythm-based games, and that’s sure to be no different here in PowerBeatsVR.

In addition, the 1.0 update will also offer custom playlists, an endurance mode, and a new endless mode for those that are really looking to go hard and heavy. A new environment, new modifiers, a number of bugfixes, and expanded statistics to track your own fitness goals will also be rolling out in this November patch. If you’d like to see the extensive list of changes, you can find them here.

Five Mind Creations also released a new launch trailer for PowerBeatsVR to coincide with this new release date announcement.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaJeLbBgiEU]

If you haven’t played PowerBeatsVR before, and can’t tell based on the trailer, the game is much more focused on ensuring that you have an excellent workout than it is about you simply being able to rack up a high score. Compared to other rhythm games on the market, PowerBeatsVR looks to not only get your arms moving, but the rest of your body, too. While playing, you’ll have to punch, dodge, squat, step from side to side, and perform a number of different actions in order to keep up with the beat.

The game is all about having an enjoyable and rewarding time while training agility, stamina, strength, and reflexes and seeing calories burn,” says the description of PowerBeatsVR in an official press release. “In short, PowerBeatsVR is meant for gamers who are searching for an enjoyable way to exercise and working up a sweat in no time, but also for fitness enthusiasts who like video games and want to refresh their workout routine. Everything gets tracked and analyzed, so players can see how many calories they have burned over time and how their performance is progressing.”

As mentioned, despite there being so many competitors in this space, PowerBeatsVR really seems to be one of the best games you could play if you’re looking to burn some serious calories. The game’s focus on getting your entire body involved rather than just your hands and arms really sets it apart compared to other experiences that you might find. Plus, it offers a stellar soundtrack, contains some of the more unique environments that you can play within, and has a ton of internal statistics to help you keep track of your own fitness goals. This is one that I would highly suggest checking out if you’re looking for a new game to spend some time with.

PowerBeatsVR will release next month on a number of platforms including Steam, Oculus, Viveport, and Humble, and will retail for $19.99. It is also compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, and Valve Index headsets. Oh, and for those of you with the Oculus Quest, a standalone release is also in the cards.

For more information on PowerBeatsVR, you can head over to the game’s official website to see and read more. You can also check out our review of the game’s early access iteration from last year to see if we think it’s worth your time and money.