Our main goal here at VR Fitness Insider is to obviously keep you in the loop on any VR games and applications that may hit the market and have a positive impact on your health. Typically, we’ll share titles with you that will help you with either your physical or mental wellbeing, but it’s a rare instance when games release that can drastically help you in both of these areas. Fortunately, a new experience has today released that might prove to be beneficial in both of these aspects.

“Reakt Performance Trainer is a fantastic VR brain training game that also is an amazing workout.”

Shane Hoalst, VR Fitness Insider

Coming from developer NeuroTrainer, REAKT Performance Trainer is a new game that has finally launched today on the Oculus Store. The game is one that looks to improve your eye-hand coordination with basic activities that can then have a positive impact on your brain. NeuroTrainer specifically describes it as an experience that can assist with optimizing “the neural pathways in the brain” and is said to offer the same experience that you might find in other real-world agility exercises. The game’s tagline of “Get in the Zone” greatly describes the experience that it’s going for. 

As for how REAKT Performance Trainer works, players will utilize the Oculus controllers to hit certain objects that might quickly be coming towards them. A variety of devices will be present in front of the players in-game with each having the chance to hurtle a ball at them at a moment’s notice. In addition to needing to match up your controller with these yellow spheres that are heading your way, you’ll also need to dodge those with spikes on them that might be thrown into the mix. Essentially, you’ll need to duck, dodge, weave, and have a quick reaction time to work up a high score.

You can get a look at how REAKT Performance Trainer plays in the launch trailer right here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2PLYUESFfg]

When it comes to why NeuroTrainer wanted to create REAKT Performance Trainer, the studio says it wanted to give everyday people the chance to experience routines that are typically only associated with athletes. “We saw an opportunity to leverage the power of virtual reality and bring a high-intensity environment normally reserved for elite athletes to everyone,” explained REAKT’s Jamie Moran in an accompanying press release. “Physical training can only take a competitor so far. Once you start tapping into brain training, it almost feels like a superpower and you start to see improvements everywhere in your life – sports, gaming, getting locked in before a meeting – even while driving.”

One of the cooler tangential aspects of REAKT Performance Trainer is that it offers plenty of stats and details on your own sessions so that you know how you’re doing and where you can improve. In addition, there are also leaderboards showing some of the best scores from around the world, in addition to those who are your close friends. So if you’re one who likes competition in your VR games, REAKT Performance Trainer will definitely be able to keep you engaged and chasing that high score.

As mentioned before, the best aspect of REAKT is that it helps you on both a physical and mental level. So whether you’re looking to improve your eye-hand coordination and make your reaction time that much faster, or you’re just looking to get in a good sweat once you get off work in the evening, REAKT Performance Trainer does an excellent job of filling both of these needs. While we’re still early into 2021, this seems like one of the standout releases of the year so far that many should be looking into.

If you’re looking to pick up REAKT Performance Trainer for yourself, you can currently head over to the Oculus Store to pick it up. The game retails for $19.99 and is available for play exclusively on the Oculus Quest platform. Conversely, if you’d like to learn more about REAKT as a whole, you can go to the game’s official website right here.