Credit to: Survios/MGM Interactive

Survios and PlayStation.Blog announced at the end of May that their VR boxing game Creed: Rise to Glory is getting a Fall 2018 release date. While working hard at the helm, Survios also revealed that the movie legend, Rocky Balboa will not only be training Adonis Creed’s character, players can fight other opponents as Rocky himself!

The blog post from Survios said, “While you get to know the legendary Rocky Balboa as Creed’s gruff, streetwise trainer and mentor in both the acclaimed film and Creed: Rise to Glory’s Career Mode, he’s definitely retired from his days in the ring — until now.”

PSVR Exclusivity

Credit to: Survios/MGM Interactive

Before the newest Creed: Rise to Glory (CRTG) announcement, players were only privy to the gameplay style and information about the training segment where Rocky teaches you techniques on how to hit the heavy bag and dodge a punch. Now we’ve learned that PlayStation VR (PSVR) will be using a young Rocky, you know the one, the famous boxer who’s in the prime of his boxing career, as an exclusive character only for PSVR headsets.

As an Oculus owner and Survios fan, I’m a bit disappointed that Rocky’s character is limited only to PSVR headsets. I thought it would be a nice touch to add him in as a fighter, yet I didn’t think they’d lock out other headsets or make characters exclusive to one platform. If this is what that is — bummer. With PSVR prices dipping and the PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 potentially years away, this move makes some sense where PSVR fans are concerned.

That Survios would partner with PSVR for them to add another active boxing title to their VR catalog aside from Knockout League, makes a lot more sense. Oculus and Vive already have plenty of boxing games and active titles that get released weekly, whereas active PSVR games kind of dwindle in numbers. So with that said, it’s good to see that our PSVR readers will be getting a whole new game that will push their limits physically while also giving them an added Rocky bonus thrown in for good measure. I’m still a little jealous — just a little!

Creed’s Fitness Potential

Credit to: Juanita Leatham via Survios at VRLA 2018

Donning the gloves of Adonis Creed or Rocky Balboa is sure to make you feel like a real fighter with a heavy focus on upper body, core strength, and agility, as well as a light to mid-range lower body workout to boot when narrowly escaping a headshot. Survios shares this perspective saying, “Whether you choose to live out Creed’s story or set up your own Exhibition battles against a variety of skilled opponents, this makes you feel every punch, uppercut, and flurry through situational desynchronization, including fatigue, staggering, and knockouts.”

In May, I played Creed: Rise to Glory at VRLA 2018 with the Oculus Rift, where I got to try out what it was like to train with Rocky and then head straight into a title fight for a round with a fiercely beefed up contender. Jabs, blocks, ducking, uppercuts, and hooks made me feel like a tough as nails boxer who’s had years of training, while also keeping me humble by punching me out of my body with Survios’ Phantom Melee Technology.

A boxer’s punch or uppercut can send you into Phantom Melee by knocking you out of your body. When you get knocked back you’ll have to pose and then swing your arms like you’re running back to your body in the ring. This made for a good laugh because I didn’t anticipate the arm swinging to be too difficult, when in fact, it made me sweaty as all heck. Not to brag, but I came out the other side with a K.O. and it felt amazing!

Where to Find CRTG

You can find out more about Creed: Rise to Glory on the game’s website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Fans of Survios and PSVR can expect Creed: Rise to Glory to hit all premium headsets (PSVR, Oculus, Vive) in Fall 2018.

Will you be playing Creed: Rise to Glory? What do you think about Rocky’s character being exclusive to PSVR? Let us know about it in the comments or tag us on social media!