Credit to: XOCUS

Nearly everyone thinks they could handle themselves in a street fight, but how many can actually put that bold claim to the test? In Fighting Clans, you’ll have the chance to do that without getting your face pummeled. The game will be available for Steam VR devices on March 3. Just don’t ever stop attacking, or you could be getting a knock at the door from some unsavory characters.

I want you to hit me as hard as you can

In Fighting Clans, you’ve found yourself in debt to the mafia after making some unwise decisions. Only by fighting challenges at set dates and locations will you be able to work off what you owe. Your opponents can throw down, delivering a barrage of punches before following up with roundhouse kicks. You’re free to do the same in order to knock them to the pavement and reach your next target.

Blocking is important in Fighting Clans, as is delivering your blows quickly enough to keep your opponent from recovering. You’ll see your vision blur as you’re hit to let you know you’re taking damage.

This is no sanctioned fight in a fancy ring. The rain pours around you as you brawl, and the cold asphalt isn’t forgiving. We don’t suggest playing the game on real asphalt unless you want to break your VR headset and your skull. A carpet or mat is probably a better idea.

Fighting Clans was previously released through the Oculus Store as a $7.99 early access title. It supports both the Rift and Rift S, and the Steam version includes Valve Index and HTC Vive support, too.

Last year, developer and publisher XOCUS also released the game Snowman. The endless wave shooter features dual-wielding combat, and should be a nice change of pace if you need a break from all the fisticuffs.