Solas VR Is a New Meditation App That Helps Relieve Stress


With everything that has transpired over the past year, it has been more important than ever before to take care of your mental health just as much as your physical health. Fortunately, the VR space has continued to see a number of new applications come about that help users meditate and find relaxation within an incredibly hectic world. Now, another one of these applications has recently started to gain notoriety for this same reason.

Solas VR is the name of the application in question that has come to VR headsets in recent months. The program is one that utilizes an assortment of videos from nature settings to help relax the user. While this might not sound like it would be effective, Solas VR’s creators say that placing users in environments of this type essentially tricks their body into releasing endorphins that would typically release when one is normally outside. Through the release of these hormones, those who use Solas VR are then able to find a sense of calmness that they usually might struggle to obtain in a busy day.

In fact, these brief breaks from the real-world are said to be greatly beneficial for people. The developers of Solas VR say that “micro-breaks” are incredibly helpful and can even help increase your attention span. “Solas VR experiences enable microbreaks that actively promote increased calmness, stress relief and a better mental wellbeing overall,” the app’s website explains.

What’s great about Solas VR in particular compared to competitors that offer experiences along this same line is that the app offers up guided meditation routines. Solas VR’s website says that this “is the perfect option to reconnect with people and take a little bit of time for yourself.” While other apps like this might just drop you directly into a given setting, Solas VR holds your hand a bit more.


What’s perhaps best about Solas VR is that if you’d like to give it a try for yourself, you can do so for free. Solas VR has a free trial program that gives users access to what is essentially a demo of the software. This will give you access to one meditation option to see if this is something that might be right for you. If you’d like to unlock the full Solas VR experience, though, the service typically costs €9.99 per month. And if paying a recurring amount of money seems to be a bit too steep, Solas VR itself is updated on a regular basis to ensure that new content is always available to check out. Conversely, a “Friends & Family” bundle is also available as well.

Although the world is slowly getting back to normal after the pandemic threw a wrench in everyone’s plans for 2020, it stands to reason that 2021 will still continue to be hard in some ways. As such, if you still aren’t traveling or getting outside as much and you’re accustomed to, this might be a great alternative. Again, it’s important for us to keep ourselves mentally healthy right now just as much as it is to remain in shape. Perhaps this application could be exactly what you need to help make your days that much smoother.

Solas VR is available now to download on Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Pico, and mobile virtual reality devices. If you’d like to learn more about the app, you can head over to the official website right here to read up on it