Tower Tag, a multiplayer VR PvP from German game developer VR Nerds, releases today on Steam and Viveport so competitors can enjoy this global arcade hit in their own homes.  Originally released in 2018 as an arcade-exclusive, Tower Tag has rolled out in more than 1,300 virtual reality arcades across 40 countries. With over 1,000,000 players to date in VR arcades, the game is sure to be a popular option in the home market.

The gameplay mode in Tower Tag is similar to Capture the Flag where each team works together to eliminate opponents while traveling around the map capturing towers. It’s basically a futuristic laser tag battle in the wonderfully immersive environment of virtual reality.


As with all VR esports games, part of the fun of playing different games is experiencing different locomotion techniques. Whether game developers choose to have players climb, run, fly, teleport, or ride a vehicle, there are many options for movement in virtual environments just as there are in physical reality. Tower Tag has a unique method of locomotion that involves a grappling-hook mechanic that can be used to move quickly through the game arena as they continue to focus on the location of opponents. Players can quickly move to another tower with the grappling hook while the other hand is free to prepare shots.

This movement system was designed to give players the feel of rushing forward in games like paintball or lasertag as key members of the Tower Tag development team are fans of those sports. That includes Co-Founder and CEO of VR Nerds, Phillip Steinfatt, who was the Paintball World Games Champion in 2009.

3D Gun Mount

As part of the home version release, VR Nerds is releasing access to 3D-printable STL files. These files, available or free and under a Creative Commons license, will enable players to print a custom Tower Tag gun mount. Players simply clip their VR controller onto the mount for added immersion and aiming accuracy.

VR Esports

Since Tower Tag became available to the public in February 2018, it has developed a following and gained attention in the VR esports industry. The competitive scene that existed in VR arcades is likely to transfer quickly to home-based players.

Last year Tower Tag was featured at the 11th Annual China Animation Expo as part of the “5G+VR Esports” exhibition. Sixteen top teams competed for a prize pool of approximately $14,000 USD). The game was also featured in a Virtual Athletics League tournament last fall.

VR Nerds have stated that they plan major additions following release, including a sophisticated global ranking system, skill-based matchmaking, additional maps and game modes, as well as tournament support for major esports events. These additions will surely help Tower Tag become a popular title among VR gamers and VR esports athletes in particular.

While there has been some concern among the VR arcade community that the release of Tower Tag in the home version might damage the popularity in arcades, it’s more likely that the opposite is true. Exposure to the game at home will enable more people to play the game and once VR arcades are open again, they can fellowship with other Tower Tag fans at local arcades.

Join the Community

Tower Tag can be played on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Rift S, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You can find the home version on Steam here!

Tower Tag on Steam

Be sure to join the Tower Tag Discord so you can become involved with the community.

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