In a time where working out at home has become the new norm for millions of people around the world, developer Within has today released Supernatural on the Oculus Quest.

Designed from the ground-up for Quest, Supernatural is the first subscription-based workout tool that has come to a virtual reality device. In conjunction with an app that pairs to your phone, Supernatural gives its users a slew of daily workout routines, coaches to help motivate you, and a number of gorgeous, detailed vistas that you’ll be able to work out within. Additionally, the game features a number of popular music tracks to ensure that you can still jam out while you’re getting a sweat in.

After you finish your workouts, you’ll then be able to track the progress that you’ve made on the Supernatural app on your phone or other smart device. Here, you can also set goals for yourself, challenge friends who are also using Supernatural, and compare your own benchmarks to those who are also playing the game around the world.

“We built Supernatural to solve a problem we had,” explained Within’s CEO Chris Milk. “Exercise requires long-term commitment to see benefits, but for many offers very little short-term enjoyment. Virtual reality allows us to make home exercise fundamentally fun and something that you actually look forward to doing.”


On the coaching front, Supernatural will be seeing more trainers added to the game over time who have certifications and backgrounds in different areas. As of today, Jared Rodriguez, Leanne Pedante, Reneir Pollard, and Antonio “Coach Doc” Harrison are some of the first trainers that are appearing in Supernatural.

Even though there are a ton of games and applications that you can use with virtual reality devices to stay fit, Supernatural really seems like it might be one of the most well-developed on the market. The level of detail, quality, and commitment to the future of the product seems to show that Within really wants to make Supernatural your new go-to workout every day. Plus, if you’re a fan of Beat Saber, many of the workouts in Supernatural seem to resemble those that you might find in the popular rhythm-based title, meaning that this could be right up your alley.

Start Your Supernatural Membership Today

Supernatural will be available on April 23, from 10 AM PST in the Oculus Store. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and $19/month founding member* rate. Membership automatically begins and renews monthly after the free trial ends. Cancel at any time. For details visit

Founding members receive a free, sweat-proof silicone liner to protect your headset. Available while supplies last.