Synth Riders Spin Mode

Just after Synth Riders’ second anniversary, developer Kluge Interactive is releasing the most feature-filled free update to date for the synth-heavy rhythm game. The highlight is Spin Mode, which will get players to perform 90°, 180°, 360°, and even larger spins while playing the game. This will help it feel more like actual dancing and comes out today for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Steam VR, and Viveport.

The new spin mode applies to every song and difficulty level in the game, this way you can make the easier difficulties a bit more interesting if the next step up is too hard to master yet. Orbs and walls will regularly come from different directions while playing, forcing the player to adjust. The fitness game becomes even more immersive and engaging thanks to the update. The algorithm will also work for custom songs, in addition to the 40-song soundtrack that comes with the game. 

“We are excited to let our players experience Spin Mode, which enhances every song currently available in the game,” Creative Director Abraham Aguero Benzecri says. “Synth Riders is offering an improved workout potential activating the whole body. It’s also a great addition for the Multiplayer Mode, making it even more entertaining and fun to play when the orbs spin all around the player.”

Synth Riders is also introducing Play Profiles, which allows players to access modifier combinations that they enjoy for specific experiences. There are also predefined ones such as Dance, Force, and Spin, and players can share their combinations with friends. These can also be played in the game’s multiplayer mode and each of them come with their own unique score thanks to the newly added filterable leaderboard system.

Other additions to the game include a new stage called Spin City that is dedicated to the newly added Spin Mode. There’s also a new song by Danish synthwave artist Wice called “Star Fighter,” that originally released in 2017. Plus, advanced players can use the vanish notes modifier to make the game even more difficult and really test their reflexes and memorization. Additionally, there’s also a tightened hit accuracy on Hard, Expert, and Master difficulty levels.

Check out the new Spin Mode for Synth Rider in action via the newly released trailer below:

Synth Riders was already one of the best virtual reality workout games and now it is even better. In its original state, it received a 8.5/10 in our in-depth fitness review. The rhythm game is available now on Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and Windows Mixed Reality for $19.99. It has been given a fitness rating comparable to an elliptical by the VR Institute of Health and Exercise and has a 6.8 calories per minute rating that is comparable to rowing.