Eight top teams from Pick-Up League Hockey will face off tonight in a community tournament at 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT following a month-long ladder to determine tournament seeding. Netcode & Chill claimed the #1 seed so we’ll find out soon if they can claim the championship title or if another team will light the lamp and take the glory.

Viewers can tune in to follow the action on Twitch or join the community Discord server to discuss favorite plays and meet other enthusiasts. Commentary during the event will be by FranklinRichards14, a passionate Pick-Up League Hockey player with contagious enthusiasm for the game.

Watch on Twitch:

About the Game

Pick-Up League Hockey (PULH) is a multiplayer hockey simulator that launched on the Oculus Go in February 2019 and last month it became one of the first games available through Quest App Lab.

When developer Wraith of Electron Falcon LLC began working on the game, he wanted to create a legitimate hockey game for VR platforms rather than a goalie simulator. His objective from the beginning was to create a hockey simulator with realistic skating physics and a full-size rink.

The PULH community is still small, but committed and close-knit. They’re also incredibly friendly and welcome newcomers with open arms, ready to share some skills and help players prepare for the ice.