As time has gone on, the VR space hasn’t only continued to receive more games of differing genres, but other developers have come along with more experimental applications that utilize the technology. Now, one such company has released a new experience this week that might be specifically helpful for some folks around the globe right now.

Released by New York-based publisher Light Clinic, Visitations is the latest VR app to hit headsets this week. Visitations, much like some other experiences that we have seen come about in 2020, is a device that is meant to help users relax. The software released earlier this week on December 20 and is one that Light Clinic says it hopes will help those who use it to deal with any stresses related to quarantining.

“Visitations is an immersive gallery of vignettes designed to produce relaxed and entranced states in the user,” says Light Clinic in an official description for the product. “It makes use of techniques such as binaural beats, subtle strobing, form constants, and includes a body scan meditation, a dream induction, and a soundtrack developed by a healer with experience leading traditionally inspired ceremonies. The experiences in Visitations allow users to turn inwards and explore their own stories and mental states. The spaces are open vessels waiting to be filled by the conscious intentions of the users.”

Light Clinic goes on to say that Visitations is largely a meditative experience and doesn’t prompt players to make many inputs while using the app. The reason for this is because it doesn’t want to “overload the patient with potentially confusing tasks and allow them to be more introspective.”

Visitations has come about largely from one David Lobser, who is the founder of Light Clinic. Lobser has partnered with various artists and psychologists from Harvard Medical School to bring about this experience and provide a means of therapy for those who might need it in the midst of the world’s ongoing pandemic.

“The power of VR to change people’s minds is just beginning to be understood,” Lobser said in an accompanying press release. “Visitations has grown organically out of a desire to create beautiful and transformative virtual spaces. Experimentation and refinement using artistic intuition and real world feedback is how traditions and practices are born.”

Obviously, Visitations isn’t something that will get your heart rate pumping like other games we often report on here at VR Fitness Insider, but it could prove to be quite beneficial for your mental wellbeing. In a time of the year that is sometimes hard for many around the world, perhaps Visitations can prove to be the meditative device that you might need and can help ensure that your stress levels stay at a minimum.

Visitations is available now on Steam and is compatible with Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. It is also available on Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, but the latter requires using Sidequest in order to download. Perhaps best of all, the game is entirely free to download to begin. If you like what you see, you can then purchase the app’s first “issue” for an additional $9.99.