Why worry about cables when you can carry around your PC on your back?

The timing of the development of VR backpacks coincides with the fitness trend of rucking. Thanks to companies like HP, MSI, and ZOTAC, you might be able to combine the two. It’s as simple as using the VR backpack for its intended purpose: fun. Unlike most video games, you also gain rucking’s benefits of burning calories, relieving back pain, and building endurance. In today’s time-starved world, rucking with a VR backpack could give you equal parts enjoyment and staying active.

What is Rucking?

The term comes from “ruck sacks,” which is the military’s catch-all term for backpacks. Rucking is walking or marching with your ruck sack on. It’s a practice American soldiers have been doing since we’ve been a country. Soldiers fill their ruck sacks with gear like weapons or ammo. 45 pounds may not seem like much, but imagine carrying it all day. It’s anything but a walk through the daisies.

Rucking is not a difficult action to incorporate into your everyday life, either. It’s cheap and you don’t have to go out of your way if you already have to walk somewhere. You probably already have a backpack, so it’s just a matter of finding weight to fill it with. Compare this to how much equipment you would need for a home gym. Are you reading this with your back hunched over your desk, or maybe bent over your phone? Then you’ll like how rucking forces you to correct your posture.

Where do VR Backpacks Fit into This?

It’s not recommended for civilians to head out the door with a 45-pound backpack on. Like with most fitness programs, it’s ideal to start small and make your way up. VR backpacks weigh in at less than ten pounds. They are essentially laptops with shoulder straps, so they would be a great introduction to rucking. Because of the power-intensive nature of the VR backpack, short battery life could be a cause of concern. Going for miles at a time might be a dream at the current stage of the technology. Though this problem can work to your benefit if you’re a beginner.

Rucking can be a social activity in and of itself. GORUCK schedules events that invite the active to interact with others. VR backpack rucking doesn’t have to be done alone, either. Do you remember going out to laser tag arenas with your friends back in school? It might be the bad eyesight talking, but I always had trouble finding my way around in there. With virtual reality, a competitive team activity like that can take on new, immersive directions. Rather than a hazy, shadowy room, you can adventure with your friends in space or other fantastic lands.

-Osmond Arnesto

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