VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 Review


Plenty of folks will open up brand-new Oculus Quest 2 headsets this coming holiday season. However, the standard foam faceplate that comes with the Oculus Quest 2 simply isn’t that comfortable, and it can get quite disgusting after playing active VR games that make you sweat. So, what better way to complement the gift of an Oculus Quest 2 than with an incredibly comfortable, hygienic face pad from VR Cover?

Following up on the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Quest (our review), the aptly named Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Quest 2 does exactly what it says on the package. It replaces the flimsy foam pad that comes preinstalled on the Oculus Quest 2 headset with a sleek, pleather one that is much more comfortable and far easier to clean.

And this VR Cover replacement set, which also includes a lovely silicone nose guard that keeps exhaled air from fogging up the lenses, is a compulsive buy for anyone who wants to work out in their Oculus Quest 2 — where sweat can potentially make your headset unhygienic after a long period of use. Here’s the lowdown.

VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 Review

Upon opening the VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2, you get quite a few things in the box. And, luckily, this kit comes in a nice rectangular box that fits nicely on the shelf this time instead of a cheap plastic bag.

Not only do you get the facial interface with passive ventilation that offers a much comfier fit than the standard facial interface that comes stock with the headset, but you also get foam replacements coming in two sizes: Standard, and Comfort. Cleaning either foam replacement cover is as simple as wiping it down with an alcohol pad, and you’re set to go.

Standard is a bit thinner and less insulated, but Comfort feels like a couch cushion on your face. I absolutely love the Comfort option and would recommend it for everybody. Especially given that this kit is not compatible with the glasses spacer (for those who need that amenity), and the Comfort pad is meant to provide more space anyway.

Again, you also get a silicone nose guard that makes the air you exhale stay out of the Quest 2 lenses, which solves a problem we had with past kits from VR Cover after long sessions of working out and gaming in VR.

In addition to that, our kit also came with a few Disposable Hygiene Covers and a Lens Cover in the box. Both of these bonuses are great; the absorbant disposable hygiene covers make it even easier to keep your headset clean, and the lens cover keeps dust from settling on your Oculus Quest 2 lenses between use.

Make no mistake. This is the best VR Cover product that the company has released. It feels like the culmination of every lesson VR Cover has learned over the course of its time making these headset covers, and it solves every issue you could possibly run into.

These covers are comfortable, extremely easy to clean, easy to install, and this all-in-one kit lets you customize your experience with the offering of different cover sizes. The added nose guard keeps steam from rising and fogging up your vision, the lens cover is just a cool way to protect your Oculus Quest 2 lenses from dirt and dust when not in use, and it’s all presented in decent packaging.

In all, we absolutely recommend the VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2. You can find it on the VR Cover store for $29.