They move in the shadows and are equal parts swift and deadly. Ninjas are badasses with bladed weapons and hand to hand combat. These swift-footed assassins and powerful warriors can easily lay waste to a group of henchmen and skillfully maim a swarm of flying fruit!

Whether you’re aiming to become the next Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill), Haru (Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja), or Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) of VR, there’s a VR game for you. Want to get on their level? Give these ninja-inspired and warrior-fueled VR games a shot, or slice.


Don’t play yourself. Wise ninjas and warriors know that warming up with a VR game that isn’t too intense will help keep muscles from cramping and tiring out early. Practicing katana and shuriken skills before heading into battle will prepare you for the kill or be killed ninja life.

Throwing Star Training

Credit to: Unlit Interactive

Synth Ninja is an indie and ninja-fied version of Beat Saber, except it isn’t beat driven. Get into the zone and start flinging those throwing stars through moving obstacles as you coordinate them to their correct color. Throwing deadly shurikens at virtual hoops for points trains the body and mind to anticipate, aim, and hit targets under a little pressure.

Katana Training

Credit to: Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd

Fruit Ninja VR is where you’ll get Katana 101 training but with apples, oranges, watermelons, and coconuts, instead of enemy body parts. Wield double handed swords to play Classic, Zen, and Survival modes. Rack up score multipliers, deflect bombs with finesse, or see how long you can push yourself without losing! This game is perfect for building up stamina for wave attacks.

Get Experience

Earning ninja status means putting in the time, sweat, and training. Below are VR games that are going to help you build up endurance to fight high-stakes battles and experience in one-on-one combat. Add a weighted vest to your ninja workouts so VR battles against foes become a little easier when you remove it.

The Music Jedi Warrior

Beat Saber Jedi’s use red and blue sabers or a double sided saber to hit corresponding cubes. The trick is to match the saber to the correct color block and slice in the right direction. This game will not only set you up for lightning-fast reflexes, it’ll sizzle those thighs, core, and booty when dodging obstacles and targets arms as music Jedi’s train and slash to the electrifying EDM music.

Voxel Arcade Ninja

Credit to: MAMMOSSIX Co., Ltd.

Virtual Ninja VR is a first-person combat game with a dash of Fruit Ninja VR. Arcade ninjas looking to take on adversaries up close and with range attacks will enjoy this game. Use your sharp ninja star and katana training to attack fruit, birds, groups of enemies, and a golden boss with friends in multiplayer or solo. Voxel samurais aren’t that threatening but will give you 1:1 combat training.

Parkour Ninja

Credit to: Electric Hat Games LLC.

To The Top is parkour and ninja training all wrapped up in one VR game. Use both arms to hop and grab onto walls, edges, movement pads, and to fling yourself through the air and down ramps at high speeds. Ninja level agility doesn’t happen overnight, so you’ll need to parkour the hell out of 35+ maps for experience. This game’s soundtrack is powerfully motivating too!


This is where the combat goes down! These are some intense and movement heavy games that are going to put your training to the ultimate test. Will you defeat those henchmen, drones, and powerful bosses? Let’s see if your training has paid off with skill!

Cyber Femme Fatale

Credit to: Mixed Realms Pte Ltd, Swag Soft Holdings Pte Ltd

Sairento VR is a single and multiplayer cyber ninja game that’s straight out of the future. Activate “bullet time” or slow-motion and take advantage of dual wielding guns and other weapon load outs. Don’t forget that there are katanas, bow set, throwing glaives, explosives, and bladed weapon DLC (for purchase) to take on waves of enemies. Parkour leap and wall run, slide and do flips like a hardcore ninja. Aren’t you glad you practiced all that parkour?

Boss Battle Warrior

Credit to: Wuhan Firegame Co.,Ltd.

Super Hero Ninja VR is played with shurikens and a bow set, so if you’re looking for a game with bladed melee weapons you’re out of luck here. Attacks are going to come foes that are at ground level, at high floors, and in-flight for a challenging scuffle. Block triple kunai throws, fireballs, sword attacks, and magic. Bound away from minion attacks and powerful bosses like a virtual warrior.

Space Warrior

Space Pirate Trainer not only has a pulsating soundtrack, it’s got space drones hurling laser beams at you from all directions. Swarming around the platform, it’s your job as a space pirate warrior to aim and blast these droid buggers out of the sky with your laser guns and gadgets. Parry using your shield and use the stability of the core and the swiftness of the legs to stay alive. This game really puts ninja and warrior training to the test.

Is there a ninja-inspired game that you play that isn’t on this list? Have you played these games and want to share how great of a workout it was? Tell us about it in the comments!