VR Master League kicked off season two of Phaser Lock Interactive’s Final Assault this week, announcing a prize pool of $2,000 and other sponsored prizes.

The announcement about season 2 came only days before the first games began and less than 3 weeks after Beastrick took the VRML Final Assault Season 1 Championship, but VRML admins wanted to ensure that season 2 could be finished before the end of the year. The tournament had to begin this week to allow for a 9-week season, a week off for Thanksgiving, and finals before the Christmas holidays. Since players can join any time during the season and there are also open qualifiers, the set-up makes it possible for skilled players to join late and still potentially qualify for finals.

Final Assault was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the features of virtual reality, combining elements of real-time strategy with a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style. Players view the battlefield from a god-like perspective as they maneuver tanks, jeeps, and artillery throughout the map in ground battles while trying to control the skies with air divisions.

Phaser Lock Interactive has not only created a unique, well-designed game, but they’ve been pro-active in the community – soliciting feedback, arranging tournaments, and looking for opportunities to introduce the game at major events.

Final Assault was actually featured as an official game title at the World Cyber Games VR Championship in Xi’an, China in July. The VR Tournament was part of an initiative to highlight future sports platforms and it was well-received by participants, spectators, and sponsors at WCG. It was the first VR tournament in the history of WCG, which began in 2000 and returned this year after a brief hiatus.

More recently, Final Assault was honored at PAX West when it was named as one of the ten best indie games based on gameplay and overall fun-factor.

VR Master League

The VR Master League was established in 2017 by DaKinMan. The community-driven platform is designed to encourage direct involvement from players, which gives the community a sense of empowerment as they are encouraged to provide input into decisions that affect them.

When Final Assault was added to the VR Master League in June, Phaser Lock Interactive became the latest company to work partner with the VRML. Other games in the league include some of the most competitive VR games on the market, including:


The season 2 schedule will be as follows:

  • September 16 – November 17: 9 week season
  • November 23-24: Challenger Cup (open qualifiers)
  • November 28: Thanksgiving weekend (break)
  • December 7-8: Round-Robin
  • December 14-15: Finals


ProTubeVR and VR Cover join the VR Master League in sponsoring Final Assault Season 2 with a $2,000 prize pool that will go to the top competitors as well as accessories and a personalized VRML jersey for the champion.

Registration / Resources

If you’re interested in participating in VRML Final Assault Season 2, you must register through the VRML website. It’s also recommended that you join Phaser Lock Interactive’s Discord.

Final Assault can be played seated, standing, or room-scale. There are many options for the game, including single-player campaigns or multi-player options with leaderboards. Final Assault can be played on all major VR headsets and it is offered as a cross-platform multiplayer game. You can purchase the game through one of these links: