SyncThink, VR platform for performance and medical analysis, is announcing a new partnership with the Atlanta Hawks. The device is FDA approved and also HIPAA compliant and uses sophisticated eye tracking and advanced analytics to study fatigue. 

Founded by Dr. Jamshid Ghajar MD, Ph.D., SyncThink is also backed by the Department of Defense. Its study of over 8,000 participants, along with support by the Brain Trauma Foundation, so it’s safe to say the device works. The Golden State Warriors also partnered with the company to track the likelihood of concussions among their player base. 

EYE-SYNC is a compact VR headset that frees the user from a tether of wires. Using a tablet, Hawks medical staff can assess an athlete’s eyesight in 60 seconds.

Here’s a little more about what they learn and how it works.

SyncThink and the Hawks

SyncThink is going to change how coaches evaluate fatigue and talent allocation on the court. We know players get tired in the game, and we understand some of the effects throughout the season as a result. EYE-SYNC is a tool that proactively identifies specific risks that could lead to injury.

That’s a big deal, says COO of SyncThink, Scott Anderson, “As we partner with more cutting-edge organizations, we’re realizing they too have novel ideas about how they want to utilize and interpret the data they’re collecting, in an effort to better understand fatigue and the risks associated with poor visual attention. It’s very exciting to consider the possibilities.”

The Sync Think Platform

The Atlanta Hawks want to use their eye-tracking metrics to evaluate performance. Above all, are players ready? How high are the risk levels for injuries? How do players perceive the game?

The SyncThink platform offers objective insights into the athletic performance. First of all, professional teams can study the accumulated effects of fatigue throughout the season. With this new platform, coaches and medical staff can evaluate a player’s dynamic vision and game state on the fly.

SyncThink consequently offers a comprehensive program that re-tunes the brain of athletes who suffer from these effects. Working on that mental aspect allows athletes to essentially retrain the brain to hit specific performance goals.

Final Thoughts

SyncThink is a game changer for professional sports, helping teams to maximize their health and performance with meaningful insights. The eye-tracking technology and analytics behind the platform and VR environment create a versatile test that fits either a diagnostic or rehabilitative aspect.

SyncThink believes it can transform the assessment, recovery, and performance for professional sports. This new partnership with the Atlanta Hawks brings them closer to that future.