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If you’re a competitive VR eSports player on a team, you already know that Virtual Reality is amazing for fitness and builds confidence. You live it, breathe it, practice with a team — awesome. For the rest of us who are an introvert or ambivert, a beginner at VR or gaming, lack confidence, or are looking to bust through fitness plateaus and want a challenge without having to commit to a team, this article’s for you.

Lone Wolfin’ in VR eSports: Introverts and Ambiverts Welcome

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If you’re like me you’re probably wondering: Why eSports? I’m a VR Lone Wolf (or the cool name for an ambivert or introvert) and I like it that way.

Do you, boo, but hear me out.

As a lone wolf myself, I prefer to step into the Rift with games that are single player or have an option to be both single and multiplayer.

Lone Wolf friendly VR games

Having the freedom to jump between solo and multiplayer is perfect for Lone Wolves. If I feel like breaking a sweat by myself I can jump into any one of the games I mentioned below. Or, I can jump over to multiplayer if I want to slay those bod goals with a little help from my friends.

There are more games than this of course, but these are the best ones for fitness.

Which eSports Games to Play and Tournaments to Try

If being more adventurous is your goal or you just want to take your fitness game to the next level, try playing single and multiplayer eSports games first. Then, head into competition once you build up your grasp of the game. These fitness titles will work not just the upper body, they’ll target your entire body.

VR games and eSports tournaments:

Credit to: Virtual Athletics League

Beat Saber: Great full body and predominantly upper body game where you’ll be slicing cubes, evading bombs, and taking names (add a weighted vest to beef up) to some insane EDM music. Slicing blocks positioned on opposite sides is great for the core. Stepping side to side and avoiding overhead obstacles is gonna make your legs burn!

eSports Tournament: Virtual Athletics League

Sprint Vector: Amazing upper body game with arm swing locomotion mechanic that propels you forward instead of a joystick. Watch out for ledges, drops, and moving obstacles across different maps. Snatch powerups from bots or a group of real players and then knock them off course to make your way to the finish line. Great core and leg game when you duck to make it through passageways.

Credit to: Oculus and ESL

eSports Tournament: VR League, Alienware Cup

Space Pirate Trainer: Great upper, mid, and lower body game that has you shooting laser pistols, using laser lassos, and shields to destroy flying droids. Has multiple game modes for a variety of gameplay action. This game will have you bending and moving as you defend, collect ammo and weapon drops, and fight wave after wave of increasingly difficult droids.

eSports Tournament: Virtual Athletics League

VR Isn’t a One Size Fits Most Community

Competing in VR esports doesn’t require you to play with a team like a well-oiled machine. More power to you if that’s your jam — do what’s good for you! VR isn’t a one-size fits most community. I urge my fellow introverts and ambiverts to try out a tournament sometime in the future. Us Lone Wolf gamers now have the option and opportunity to learn, build and then master our VR gaming skills without sacrificing who we are as individuals.

Ambi’s and introverts were made for VR, there’s no doubt about it. With a headset to block out a crowd and stay focused on the game at hand, Lone Wolves have the ability and power to thrive in tournaments with other VR fans. You might be thinking: But competition isn’t my thing. Or, maybe, just maybe, it is your thing. Look, even Lone Wolves belong to a pack. Maybe that pack just looks like a bunch of other Lone Wolves with VR headsets on. You feel me?

Wrap Up

Introverts and ambiverts — now’s the time to let that secret power of yours loose! You’ve got Lone Wolf power! Sharpen those saber slicing skills, buff that killer uppercut, and train those sharp reflexes! Donning a headset and competing in VR esports for a game you already spend hours in or will spend hours in, alongside thousands of people online or at an arcade isn’t looking so scary now, is it?

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