Last Friday, the newest modification to the VR headset hit the market and it sent the VR world into a panic frenzy to buy the new dongle, which was sold out in less than 20 minutes. However, let’s look a little bit deeper into this dongle and see if it is worth the asking price of nearly$230.

How Does It Work?

The devices straps on to the current straps of the HTC Vive so that it doesn’t get in the way. In addition to this, it has a standard battery with rumors that there will be a much bigger battery later on. This is not a prototype of any of the other 33 companies hired on by HTC to better improve the Vive’s experience.

The Downside of New Inventions: Battery Life

As with nearly all new inventions, the amount of fuel this device takes is both astonishing and good for the user. As a previous WoW player, I am well aware of how long video games can enthrall individuals, which is why I think that limiting the player to a hour and a half is sometimes a good thing for users.

A Bigger Battery

The device is not going to be completely wireless though because, if you want more life then the much bigger battery pack will go in a user’s pocket, as with a previous device we saw earlier this year. It’s astonishing due to the fact that one can assume that this is due to the intensity of the information flowing through the device at both ends. On a speculatory scale, one would think the device is nothing more than an advanced processor attached to a top-end wireless card.

Is it worth it?

That’s for you to decide, but this will undoubtedly become a standard among headsets as more devices come out and the market keeps growing. Right now, we have a lot of devices vying for control and many of them are just the same design with a different company behind them. These dongles will eventually merge together in most devices and wires will become an option for those who develop and/or as a recharging option.

Either way, this product is certainly on the market and many individuals find that it is worth the monetary sacrifice to get rid of those pesky chords. Time will tell if these dongles are useful or dangerous, but, like the Note 7, it’s not always the best option to get the newest item.