World’s first VR-fitness exhibition to be held in Stockholm, Sweden

The connected health and wellness company Great Clarity together with Northern Europe’s largest fitness exhibition Fitnessfestivalen hosts The Future Fitness Lab – the first ever solely virtual reality (VR) fitness dedicated event. 

In December, the 17th annual Fitnessfestivalen will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition is Northern Europe’s largest fitness exhibition. This year’s edition will include The Future Fitness Lab – a 500 m2 area dedicated solely to VR-fitness. The Future Fitness Lab invites those with an interest in tech- and fitness to test the latest when it comes to physical activity. With this event, the organizers hope to inspire the fitness industry to start adapting modern technology with all the possibilities it offers.

”We always aim to be at the forefront of the industry’s development so to host a VR-exhibition feels like a natural step for us” says Ove Rytter, organizer of Fitnessfestivalen and one of Sweden’s most well known profiles in the industry. Johanna Gustafsson, head of VR at Great Clarity and project manager of The Future Fitness Lab says; “Visitors will be able to try a host of new applications. We will showcase VR-based fitness experiences for home use but also those that require specific machines, we’re convinced we’ll see this type of equipment at the frontier gyms in the near future”.

So what is VR-fitness? Johanna explains: “You put on a VR headset and suddenly your perceived reality is completely changed. There are connected cycling- and rowing machines that put you in a race in a desert or Antarctica. But VR can also make working out at home without machines far more engaging. Putting on the headset and transforming your living room to an obstacle course will make you do 50 squats without even realizing you’re working out. With VR it all gets very real, it is far more engaging than working out with a traditional flat screen in front of you”.

The organizers hope to spark an interest in VR fitness not only among those who already work out frequently but also among those who are interested in tech and don’t necessarily work out at all.

Johanna says; ”Fitnessfestivalen is expecting roughly 30 000 visitors during the weekend, and we have a large area for demos. If we manage to get 3 000 – 4 000 people to try VR-fitness for the first time it would be a fantastic accomplishment.”

Fitnessfestivalen is arranged during December 1st – 3rd, 2017. Information about exhibition- and sponsorship opportunities can be found on the event’s website and information about tickets for the public will be provided at the same place later this fall.

VR Fitness Festival - Fitness lab

For more information, please contact:

Future Fitness Lab –
Project Manager
Johanna Gustafsson
+46730 387 468



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