Credit to: YUR

The VR fitness tracking tool YUR now has a desktop application, and it lets you monitor your progress in some of the biggest games on Steam. With the release of the application in early access, YUR is now available to all PC VR headsets as well as Oculus Quest.

Track your fitness goals in even more ways

Initially beginning as an application for tracking fitness progress in Beat Saber, YUR has grown considerably. It now supports games like Pistol Whip, Superhot VR, Skyrim VR, and Arizona Sunshine. These are not traditional fitness games and thus don’t have built-in fitness tracking tools, and YUR gives players a way to quantify their fitness progress in them anyway.

The desktop YUR application supports Bluetooth heart monitors, features an overlay for your activity that can go over any game, and includes a dashboard with fitness statistics and achievements. If your friends are using it, you can also check the leaderboard to see who is making the most progress.

YUR will continue improving after it leaves early access, and the development team is planning a few additional features for the near-future. These include a leveling system planned for release by the end of the month, as well as a website with fitness game recommendations and news.

Compete to prove you’re the best

The software was already made available on Oculus Quest via Sidequest, as well as mobile platforms. On these platforms, it also includes a leaderboard that lets you break down calories burnt on a weekly or monthly basis. With a calendar showing the days on which you’ve met your fitness goals, it’s a convenient and easy way to keep yourself honest. If you want to see which games are giving you the best workout, you can view a calorie breakdown by title, as well. Beat Saber features 90 percent accuracy, so you can trust the numbers you see.

YUR is the brainchild of Dilan Shah and Cix Liv, the latter of whom co-founded the VR platform LIV, as well. You can stay up to date on the latest YUR news by following the official Discord channel. Over 7,000 members are in the channel already, so you should have no issue setting the application up if you have questions.