Credit to: Beat Games

Beat Saber continues to be one of the most popular VR games for a number of reasons. Not only does developer Beat Games continue to regularly support the title with new content — most recently in the form of a Linkin Park Music Pack — but the game is also one that many in the virtual reality fitness community seem to return to regularly. Now, a new major update for Beat Saber will be coming about next month that will allow you to burn some calories with friends.

Announced recently by Beat Games to coincide with the latest news on the Oculus Quest, Beat Saber will be receiving an all-new update in October that will bring a much-requested multiplayer component to the game. The update, which will be let loose on October 13, should be free for all existing owners of the game and will allow you to try and get the best of your buddies by setting a new high-score on certain songs.

As for how the multiplayer aspect will work, details aren’t expansive right now, but players will seemingly be tasked with creating their own avatar which will then be viewable to opponents that you will be duking it out against. The number of players who can take part in these multiplayer bouts hasn’t been specified, but the reveal trailer seems to indicate that up to five people could be present in each match.

If you want to get an early look at Beat Saber’s multiplayer, you can check out the initial trailer right here:


The only potential downside with this new aspect of Beat Saber is that it may not release simultaneously for all owners of the game across all platforms. According to the official Beat Saber Twitter account, those who own the game on PlayStation VR might have to wait a longer to see multiplayer head to their own iteration of the rhythm title. “Dear PS VR players, we are doing everything we can to make sure we release multiplayer simultaneously on all platforms on October 13 but there might be a delay with the PS4 version,” Beat Games expressed. We’ll keep you updated on this situation as it transpires.

And while multiplayer might be the most notable new aspect of Beat Saber, we have also been given an idea of what the game’s next music pack will be. BTS, the highly-popular boy band from Korea, is said to be the next group to see its own music head to Beat Saber. A release window for this DLC hasn’t been given just yet, but Beat Games indicated that we’ll hear more soon.

All in all, the new additions to Beat Saber look to continue spicing the game up in vital new ways. While K-pop lovers are sure to be excited about the advent of BTS joining the game’s rotation of music down the line, for me, multiplayer brings perhaps the most exciting new aspect to Beat Saber in quite some time. As someone who loves playing games with friends, I’m really excited that I can now get in a good sweat with some pals while playing one of the best VR rhythm games on the market.

Beat Saber is available now on Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets over on Steam. It’s also available for Oculus Quest over on the Oculus Store and will also be heading to the next Oculus Quest 2 when the headset releases.