The first Belgian VR Championship, presented by GameForce and RAVEN, will be held in Mechelen, Belgium on October 6 with a prize pool of 2,000 euros.

GameForce, the largest game fair in Belgium, is basically the Belgian version of E3. This is the sixth edition of the fair and it will feature AAA games, indie developers, cosplay, retro gaming, merchandise shops, and more. The Belgian VR Championship at GameForce will feature Downpour Interactive’s Onward and Beat Games’ Beat Saber.


Released in early access in November 2017 from Downpour Interactive, Onward quickly gained popularity and has been a featured game in other competitive circuits, including VR Master League and VR League.

In fact, readers who have followed the Onward competitive scene will probably recognize some names such as Legil (of BossFight) and Excis3 (of The Devoted Spartans). We’ll continue to cover the event so you can see how our Belgian friends are doing in the tournament.

Onward is usually played as a 5-v-5 tactical first-person shooter, but the Belgian championship will feature three players on each team (3-v-3).

Four qualifying tournaments will take place to determine which teams advance to the finals in October. The top team from each qualifier will secure an invitation to the GameForce finale.

Onward Championship Prizes

  • 1st place – 850 euros
  • 2nd place – 400 euros
  • 3rd place – 250 euros

Teams that want to participate in the qualifier tournaments should register here.

Beat Saber

A fast-paced VR rhythm game, Beat Saber was released on May 1, 2018 from Beat Games. It has quickly risen to legendary status and is easily one of the most recognizable VR games to date as players slice blocks to a musical beat with light sabers.

Beat Saber is frequently used in VR demos because it’s so easy to learn. In fact, to participate in the Beat Saber VR Championship, players can simply show up and try to earn the top score during the four qualifier events. The best player from each location will secure an invitation to compete in the Belgian VR Championship finals at GameForce.

Beat Saber Championship Prizes

  • 1st place – 350 euros
  • 2nd place – 100 euros
  • 3rd place – 50 euros

While pre-registration isn’t required to participate in the Beat Saber qualifiers, it is encouraged. Players can register in advance here.

Qualifying Tournaments

The four qualifying tournaments will take place on the following dates at the locations listed.

  • August 31: Westland Shopping – Anderlecht
  • September 7: Shopping Ghent South – Ghent
  • September 14: Woluwe Shopping Center – Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe
  • September 21: Anspach Shopping – Brussels

After winners are selected for each game at each location, they will receive an invitation to the finals that will take place on October 6 at GameForce in the Nekkerhal in Mechelen.


GameForce and RAVEN, the premier VR experience in Belgium, have come together to present this event so there are sure to be plenty of great VR experiences available for ticket holders.