Credit to: FitXR

BoxVR is one of the best games for VR fitness, as it was made specifically for that purpose. Soon, a DLC pack will add even more ways to stay in shape alongside dozens of new songs.

Even more ways to groove and punch

Called the Essentials Pack, it includes 60 songs pulled from a wide variety of artists and genres. These include hard rock as well as house music, and they total at about an hour of new content. The DLC will first come to Oculus Quest on March 26 for $10 and will release for other supported platforms later.

New workouts are available along with the songs to keep you engaged and interested every day. BoxVR pushes your VR fitness to its limit with options ranging from a few minutes to around an hour. During the sessions, you jab, hook, uppercut, block, and dodge in time to the music. Even just a few minutes is enough to get your blood pumping and calories burning, especially on more intense workouts.

“BoxVR continues to introduce people to a brand new way to work out which is immersive, accessible, and most importantly, fun,” said FitXR co-founder Sameer Baroova in the announcement. “We’re really excited to bring the Essential Pack to our dedicated and vast community of players, giving them new ways to enjoy BoxVR.”

BoxVR is available on Steam, Oculus Store, and PlayStation VR. The Oculus Quest version is a great option for fitness fanatics, as you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in cords. The headset’s tracked motion controllers are perfect for punching, and calories burnt are tracked each week. This lets you stay honest with yourself about fitness goals. The game’s workouts are choreographed by fitness experts, and there are single-player and multiplayer options. It’s easy to make it part of your daily fitness routine.