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Our heart beats to keep us alive and well. It pumps oxygen and nutrients through our body to make our muscles and blood vessels stronger when we exercise on fitness machines. Cardio exercises like walking, jogging, and cycling can do wonders for our bodies and our heart. MyFitVR is making it easier and more fun than ever to slim down and shape up with their beginner-friendly fitness machines and VR apps.

Cardio Fitness Machines

Credit to: MyFitVR

After school, work, or a long day, exercising might be the last thing you want to do. We feel you, the couch is comfortable and so are you. Time to get out of your comfort zone! Want a change? Stop being a couch potato and dust those snack crumbs off friends! Fitness starts with you. No more excuses!

MyFitVR has fitness machines that will help you become the hero of your own fitness journey through cardio training. All that’s required is to hop on their VR Fitness Bicycle or their VR Fitness Stepper while wearing their VR Box mobile headset (Android/iOS) to kick off an entertaining gamified workout. Having ambition and drive to match our dreams of a cut 6-pack or seeing the number on the scale budge helps too!

Spinning and cycling while using the VR Fitness Bicycle is great for cardio and keeps the legs and abdominals toned. Cardio is great for fat burn and keeps our heart pumping so we’re not winded when we climb up a flight of stairs or run after our kids, pets, off to our next meeting, and is good preparation for when the zombie apocalypse finally happens. Cardio can even help us become better VR gamers and athletes!

Their bicycle weighs only 61 pounds and has a flywheel that makes pedaling smooth like a real bike ride. The levels of resistance are yet to be seen, but most stationary bikes with a flywheel have some sort of weight or resistance system built into them. Overall, their bicycle is a must-have cardio solution for trainers, gyms, and fit focused individuals looking to use technology to keep retention rates up.  

Do you like to walk, jog, or climb stairs and want to try a new way of exercising or a change of scenery? MyFitVR’s VR Fitness Stepper is a booty, thigh, calf, quad, and ab workout that’ll leave us drenched in sweat. Trainers, get your clients to put the pedal to the metal and kick off a fitness plan into high gear! Walking, climbing stairs and jogging is not only going to help them lose weight or shred down to bulk up, it’ll cut the risk of cardiovascular disease by half!

Take a step in real life, move in a virtual world that’s been turned into a game. Their step machine and games are not only going to rack up steps, it’s going to move our lower body in a way that is going to give results. There are lots of games that utilize leg movement to fight in 360, dance, or dodge an enemy attack. However, there aren’t many games, unless you’re BOX VR or Hot Squat, that will isolate a leg workout. The VR Fitness Stepper does just that!

Fitness Apps

Credit to: MyFitVR

Stationary bicycles and fitness machines made by companies like VirZOOM, Zwift, Holofit, and now MyFitVR run on our movement energy but also rely on virtual games and experiences to motivate us. These games take us on adventures and push us to become fit by interacting with VR apps and games with the acceleration of the pedal or the pace of our step.

Beginning exercisers or people who’ve been out of practice will find that MyFitVR is a low impact exercise that will improve their stamina and set fire to fat and those energy stores called calories. Getting their MyFitVR Fitness App and Fitness Move Detector (Note: this takes two mobile devices for transmitting data) is a mobile-friendly way to begin your new weight loss or fitness plan. The app stores seem to have broken links, but the apps can be downloaded off of MyFitVR website.

Those that are looking to spruce up their home gym or get clients to get fired up about their workouts will get a ton of mileage out of their MyFitVR Fitness App. The app has sports and fitness games, workout and dance videos, fitness guides, a relaxation app, and more to start us off strong!

Not only is there a MyFitVR Fitness App, there are games that are specifically for their bicycle and stepper. Games like VR Highway Bicycle, MyFitVR Cycling, and VR Horse Race Fitness are games for the bicycle that are sure to get us competing for our own best times. While steppers will get to play games like Fitness Forest Walk, MyFitVR Running, and Fitness Marathon Race for their cardio, endurance, and training needs.

VR Headset

Credit to: MyFitVR

MyFitVR’s VR Box headset is an Android and iOS smartphone compatible headset. Which means it uses mobile apps that are connected with Bluetooth to the cycling and step machines as well as the headset. The headset looks very similar to the Samsung Gear VR but doesn’t have the same specs.

The VR Box headset has a FOV (field of view) of 70 degrees, which is a bit narrow but will do the trick when you don’t have to turn around in a 360 space. It has an IPD (interpupillary distance) of 58 to 72mm, which accommodates different eye settings for various clients or users.

It weighs a little more than a pound without the mobile phone inserted, which means there will be some weight on the face and neck, but not much. Having a lightweight headset option keeps the head and neck protected but also won’t add unbearable weight to the workout, so we can keep our head in the game.

Where To Find MyFitVR

You can find MyFitVR apps and fitness machines on their website and Facebook page. To order you must send a contact message first.