When the typical person considers whether he will strap a virtual reality headset, a number of different thoughts pass through his mind. Most people consider whether the technology is truly revolutionary. Once they recall the intriguing VR write-ups and videos they’ve seen, they start to think about who wore the headset before them. The idea of strapping on a sweaty, possibly germ-laden VR headset to one’s noggin is a turn-off for most people. VR Sanitizer is here to alleviate these concerns.

VR Sanitizer for Clean Headset Swapping

VR Sanitizer was created by an artist and tech-enthusiast named Milos Paripovic. His product makes VR headset use as hygienic as possible by eliminating bacteria along the unit’s goggles. VR Sanitizer makes use of UV-C light to sanitize headsets. This cleansing process is referred to as germicidal irradiation. The wall mountable unit rattles off 254nm wavelengths directly to the headset’s face cushion. This light blast terminates microorganisms of all varieties. The product is even designed with a built-in fan to air out the device if the player generates significant perspiration. VR Sanitizer works with HTC Vive headsets as well as Oculus Rift headsets.


How VR Sanitizer Works

VR Sanitizer is quite the easy product to use. All one has to do is place the virtual reality headset on the VR Sanitizer. A few seconds later, the cleaning process is complete and the unit automatically shuts itself down. This really is the perfect solution for VR headsets used in public environments like demos, gyms, schools, VR arcades and so on. Even those who share VR headsets with family members and friends in the home will obtain considerable utility out of VR Sanitizer.

Why VR Sanitizer Will be a Smash Hit

Consider the dynamics of video game events and other public demonstrations of virtual reality technologies. VR head-mounted displays are donned by countless users who want to experience this immersive technology first-hand. Many of these users work up quite the sweat as they experience the thrill of virtual reality. A significant portion of VR games require extensive physical movement that induces even more sweat. Add in the fact that some people lack proper hygiene and others have germs and it is easy to see why publicly shared VR headsets have developed a reputation for being dirty.

Keep in mind that bacteria is present on each person’s face. Some such bacteria is harmless while other types of bacteria can lead to nasty infections ranging from pink eye to cold sores, meningitis or influenza. VR Sanitizer cleans these compromised headsets in mere seconds. There is no need to open a container of cleansing wipes, guide them along the headset, wait for the unit to dry, trash the wipes and repeat the process over and over throughout the day. As noted above, VR Sanitizer works in a rapid manner and even dries out the headset as the player perspires. The end result is an elimination of sweat, dirt, germs and other unsavory particles that could potentially transfer from one player to the next.

Paripovic is currently touting the merits of his project on the popular crowd funding website Kickstarter. He is trying to raise $40,000. Interested parties can lend financial support for as little as $85 now that the early bird $70 tier has sold out. Paripovic plans to bring VR Sanitizer to market by July of this summer.